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Update Log #29


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Void knight armour now works with elite/regular void top/bottom/gloves matched with (or) helmets instead of requiring the full (or) set
  • You can now smelt 4 steel bars at once into Cannonballs to speed up creation
  • You can now use noted steel bars to smelt Cannonballs, allowing you to afk this for all of your bars (up to 90 minute idle timer)
  • Simplified the old & outdated process to fortify masori & forcing players to do wilderness slayer
    • Old: Break down armadyl armour -> fortify Morrigans -> fortify Masori with morrigans
    • New: Break down armadyl armour -> fortify Masori with 2x the armadyl plates regularly required
      • the 2x requirement is due to the large amount of unfortified masori currently in-game compared to fortified versions
  • Updated the chat message for voting date/time rarely displaying the same day twice, but resetting the streak (it was correctly doing so, just a chat message conversion bug)
  • Scythe of Vitur
    • Charging the Scythe of Vitur now only requires 1 vial of blood for every 3,000 charges you add
    • The Scythe will 3x hit the Core NPC within Tombs of Amascut
  • Melee Accuracy - upon testing to find why the scythe was so shit I've found the 50% accuracy boost was not applying to all melee weapons correctly. With this correction melee feels much more on par with range/mage builds on l4
  • Make 30 prayer potion task no longer requires 31
  • Corrected Perfect Sire CA not unlocking
  • The cape received for Soul wars from collection log boxes is now the correct color
  • Corrected the ore pack you receive from collection log boxes
  • Corrected the ring of elements you receive from collection log boxes
  • Prayer no longer regenerates passively for high tier donators in the wilderness/pvp minigames
  • Farmer's fortune now correctly yields all allotment patch at 20x vs 3x speed
  • Fletching unf bolts without inventory space will now send the excess to the ground
  • Auto noted mole claws/skins will now add to collection log first
  • Corrected chance of Rocky pet upgraded receiving bonus loot rolls when pickpocketing w/ l4 trickster
  • Corrected Swoop No More CA not unlocking correctly
  • Corrected Walk Straight Pray True CA not unlocking due to a typo
  • Adjusted how You Are Not Prepared CA unlocks
  • Corrected DT2 Awakened kill timers never resetting after your first attempt. They will now show how long the successful kill actually took
  • Corrected regular Bastion/Battlemage potions not working when clicked
  • Corrected a couple of items like Justiciar not counting as Sara GWD items
  • Corrected turning in 100 claws to wyson for the league task with recent changes to wyson
  • Ghommal's hilt 5 will now be given for Master CA completion (even though you can use the previous ghommal's hilts to create the defender)
  • You can now right click Ghommal's Defenders 5/6 to access the teleport menu from the ghommal's hilt given at completion of hard CA
  • Leagues 3 Combat Relics
    • Can now proc a 2nd hit while using special attacks
    • This can occur on all 3 styles
    • If it procs on the Dawnbringer with Chain Magic, you will hit Verzik in the first phase for 115 damage x2
  • Armadyl crossbow now uses 50% instead of 40% special incorrectly
  • Corrected Collateral Damage CA task
  • Corrected Equip a granite ring task not unlocking
  • Tornado in Awakened Leviathan will now respawn if you remain for multiple kills
  • Sarachnis now drops egg sack for log completion
  • The fountain ending will no longer end a barrows / wintertodt event early
  • If a barrows / wintertodt event is active, another one can no longer be started before it finishes
  • Corrected Rapid Succession CA requiring exactly 9 seconds from 1st to last kill of the 3 DKs vs just less than 9 seconds overall
  • Crystal key townboard task now specifies it's for enhanced chest only
  • Receiving a Pet while double pet roll from the fountain is active no longer adds 2x to your collection log incorrectly
  • Disabled fountain being able to start the 60min timer during a weekend fountain event
  • Corrected Bile attack from Nex following a player home in very rare cases
  • You can now receive Brimstone key drops while on any Slayer assignment
  • You will receive a chat message indicating when a key is dropped from the untradeable chat notifier
  • You can now receive Larran's keys at a rate of 1/60 for all Slayer tasks completed in the wilderness on mobs above level 60
  • Stacking 2 of the same pvp weapons will no longer reset their charges to full
  • You can no longer stack 2 of the same pvp weapon as each weapon will store it's unique charges correctly
  • Corrected Colossal hydras not rolling the superior drop table
  • Goldsmith gauntlets now stack with trailblazer pickaxe to grant 2x experience on gold ore/bars
  • Corrected magic staffs not giving +2 to your attack range when on Defensive casting
  • Updated James' Trade Post history pricing with the latest data


Raid Bugs/Changes

  • Damage done via Guardian thrall / reg thralls in ToB and ToA will now count to your individual contribution for MVP
  • Corrected Perfect Olm CA not showing failure messages in chat when you make a mistake
  • Boosted stats are no longer restored down, only up, at the completion of each ToB Room
  • Imbued/Saturated heart cooldown now resets at the completion of each ToB room
  • Draining Warden (P3)'s defence will no longer reset on each phase of the skulls, the defence will remain lowered for the rest of the fight
  • Shadow Verzik invocation can no longer also proc the Zebak waves
  • Corrected various ToB speed chaser / runner tasks not unlocking in correct time
  • Corrected ToB loot base chance showing as 8% for regular & hard mode in chat incorrectly (they were calculating correctly though, so no actual change here). To clarify:
    • The base chance of ToB loot is 6%
    • The base chance of ToB (Hard Mode) loot is 12%
    • With the fountain enabled these are given +3 and +6 respectively.
    • Raid Invocations, MVP boost, and any admin events are added on top of these chances
  • Players that do not advance to the next room will automatically be moved after 15 seconds in ToA now
  • If the leader dies the same tick as a ToB boss they will now be moved from the death cage after 10 seconds
  • Players in a death cage at the end of a ToB will no longer be moved out as the boss dies, but will be automatically advanced to the next room when the leader advances
  • Entering ToA loot room will now place you next to the scoreboard & closer to the chests
  • Both ToA and ToB will now utilise the ToA raid MVP board as both have been expanded to 8 player parties
  • 6 Titles are available in both ToB and ToA
    • The Anchor - most deaths in the raid
    • The Carry - most damage dealt to bosses
    • The Leech - least damage dealt to bosses
    • The Tank - most damage taken from bosses
    • The Showoff - highest value of total gear used in the raid
    • The Peasant - lowest value of total gear used in the raid



Player Made Suggestions

  • Alvskan: Buff loot at Awakened Nex Event 
    • Drastically increased the chance from this event
    • Lowered the chip damage Awakened Nex does from 50% through prayer to 30%
    • Lowered by the same amount at Nex
  • Tranquillo: Command to see what bonus scrolls are currently active from players
    • Added ::events to show this
  • Friction: Add a 1 minute reminder for the Tournament starting
    • Done
  • EoZombie: Change the undying retribution chat message color to be more readable
    • Done
  • ItzPennyWise: Reduce the cost of corrupting crystal items
    • Reduced from 80k to 50k charges for regular accounts
    • Irons will now only need to achieve 50% of this, so 25k charges
    • If you currently have charges above this, they will be automatically refunded when you select 'Check' on the weapon
  • Cant Be Asked/Hapetin: Buff melee damage / buff scythe
    • Corrected Melee accuracy above, should resolve this
  • Deadmen: Ability to revert pegasian, primordial and eternal boots to crystals
    • Added by using the boots on the armor repair stand at home, for a cost of 1m
    • You will not receive the base boots back (dragon, rangers, infinity)
  • Bub: Add locator orb to lower hp quicker
    • Added to Community favour shop, lowering your hp by 10 until it hits 1 hp (it cannot kill you)
  • NoDropsYet: Make it free to swap prayer books
    • No longer costs GP to switch to ruinous prayers on leagues 4 as this was your relic pick, but leagues 3 accounts will still have to pay
  • Tokey: Change dragon metal lump / dhcb exchange values
    • Lowered drop rate from Rune Dragons earlier this week already so this is more balanced
  • Ursine: P3 warden melee defence
    • Fixed the defence resetting each skull wave above already
    • Fixed melee accuracy above already, so should resolve this
  • Sainty: Remove the warning to exit a raid for hcim
    • Added an option to Never show this option again
    • Selecting this will save the setting for both dangerous raids (toa/tob)
  • Calib101: Ability to get wrath runes easier or create them
    • Added to Theatre of Blood drop table
  • Nath BTW: Remove imbued heart cooldown her ToB room
    • Completed above
  • EepyCatGirl: brimstone keys to global loot table
    • Added a new way to obtain these above 
  • Forgot username: Cannons / afk players
    • Cannons can no longer be used at sand crabs
    • Treasure Seeker will no longer add clues to your drops if you've been inactive for 90 minutes
    • Auto pickup scrolls for Clues & Herbs will no longer proc if you're marked as idle 
    • Cannons will no longer auto reload balls if you're marked as idle


Easter Event - Easter egg hunt

  • Every hour, for the first 6 minutes of the hour (server uptime) an Easter egg will spawn
  • The Egg can spawn in any city with a teleport found on the Modern/Normal Spellbook:
    • Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot
    • Kourend, Ardougne, Watchtower, Trollheim, Ape Atoll
  • Once the Egg has been found, you must meet the requirements to take a reward:
    • 1,250 Total level
    • Online for at least 10 minutes
    • Claimed less than 50 eggs already
  • Rewards
    • 300k Coins per find
    • 4 Random Easter themed clothing
    • Chance to roll 8 unique rare drops, including 10 mystery boxes or a Pet mystery box
  • The Egg will run away after being claimed by a player, so make sure you work together to keep track of it for everybody else!



Weekly boss speed run results


  • Congratulations to Samba, Kelvo & Ghostrip. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Duke Sucellus - have fun!


Deadman Mode #6

Deadman Apocalypse logo.png

  • Vulcan will host it's 6th Deadman Mode (separate world) beginning in April (Discord Event has exact timings in your timezone)
  • Final details will be posted 5 days prior to launch of the DMM in a separate announcement
  • The prize pool will be approx. $3,000 USD depending on entrants/interest just as the other ones have been
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