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Vulcan Leagues 3 and 4 Task Sheets


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During the Beta I compiled a spreadsheet containing all tasks. It won't be as in-depth and functional as the one on the wiki, however it won't have any tasks outside of Vulcan's task system. Hopefully this can help with planning routes, helping to identify which tasks you want to work on when you're not able to be in game or just helping to visualize your progression. You will need to manually mark off tasks as you go as there is no way to sync it automatically with progress from your account.

image.png.f9cb68f415e87b492cb576fb20e6826f.png.89f11cff6751094dc9b094979718e9d6.png Vulcan 3.0 Leagues 3 Task Spreadsheet  image.png.f9cb68f415e87b492cb576fb20e6826f.png.89f11cff6751094dc9b094979718e9d6.png

image.png.9b70f3182b27ea2c98638ee35d44797b.png.4c3dd81b0a12d346d578b1dd29e180ea.png Vulcan 4.0 Leagues 4 Task Spreadsheet image.png.9b70f3182b27ea2c98638ee35d44797b.png.4c3dd81b0a12d346d578b1dd29e180ea.png

To make a copy of this spreadsheet that you can edit/alter yourself, hit image.png.84c52cf23f996eade8fe97469ef01b47.pngimage.png.b73c4b1ea9ed1557e85246d21ec9d763.png this will add a copy of the Spreadsheet to your own Google sheets and allow you modify it however you'd like. There will be a warning when you try to make a copy regarding an Apps Script file, this is a Script that syncs changes between individual task pages and the main page as I've made separate sheets for each tier of tasks for those who'd prefer less clutter vs the main sheet but wanted them to mark one another off in a single action.

All sheets will have task tiers grouped, hit the 
image.png.307f081c33f32962f997b1a419af552e.png or image.png.32a1797f3687ed0c69d9fb4c3e9b5231.png to expand and minimize groups respectively. Tasks will have 2 checkboxes in their row, clicking these checkboxes will either highlight that row green or red.

Regarding filtering of tasks, to make it so that the synchronization between sheets still functions and so that you can have multiple filters in a single sheet, (like the first sheet for example as it has all tasks listed), we will use Filter Views which can be accessed by hitting image.png.4507dbac3e3cc53e85826d327b651303.png. Filter Views allow us to have multiple pre-made filters ready whenever we want to use them and they don't actually move the data around so marking a task on a Filter Viewed Sheet should still mark any associated unfiltered sheets accordingly. Each sheet should contain 3 Filters for each tier of tasks (by Type, by Skill/Activity and by Lvl Req). To clear a filter I have made a Filter View named No Filter or alternatively you can close the current Filter View by hitting image.png.ace515054ae01a38b3714b051733fb1d.png in the top right corner of the spreadsheet.

ezgif-1-4b08d5c921.gif.1c4281f4c5f1f4be13dd082d3e716aed.gif                    ezgif-1-38cbfac029.gif.beef2179dcdda88ae48570cc89548ef5.gif


 ezgif-1-44877f4eda.gif.f718e2086dcffea0d0acd003c07b2de0.gif                    ezgif-1-62628ede76.gif.8680eb905540326d745e54099d38fe07.gif




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