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Update Log #30


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Moved stackable clue boxes from treasure seeker relic back to tier 1 passive
  • Corrected Bloodthirsty gargoyle's not dropping items
  • Corrected High Level Invoc boost for ToA displaying the purple chance higher than it was (4x vs 3x) 
  • Creating cannonballs can now run indefinitely, vs stopping at 28 steel bars
  • Fixed wyrms getting stuck when turning into superiors / being unattackable
  • Corrected Bandos minions not attacking after respawn for long periods
  • Completing a ToB room will now restore special/run energy broken from last patch
  • Corrected Tumekens shadow / Scythe being auto lost in wild if it has charges 
  • Corrected Mystic smoke battlestaff broadcasting as a rare drop
  • Corrected ammo saving bug related to accumulator / assembler
    •  Ava's devices (72% chance to save): Ava's accumulator, accumulator max cape, ranging cape
    •  Ava's assemblers (80% chance to save): Ava's assembler, assembler max cape, masori assembler, masori max cape, ranging mastery cape
    •  The bug lied in vorkath assembler counting as both, thus rolling a chance to save ammo 72% then 80% per shot fired
  • P3 Warden now has a delay before his skull attack starts, to finish any floor attack active
  • Vial of blood now adds to collection log from ToB
  • Giant Egg Sack from sarachnis can now be opened for 100 red spider eggs
  • Corrected a specific square in ToA getting you instantly killed on p2 bombs/lightning
  • Collateral damage combat achievement now also unlocks using ancient magicks
  • Corrected open a master casket personal task only unlocking if you had treasure seeker relic
  • Dinh's bulwark now counts as a crush weapon for Newspaper enthusiast sarachnis combat achievement
  • Fixed bloodbark helm making face invisible
  • Corrected smith gloves given by collection log boxes
  • Corrected General graador aggressiveness bug since last patch
  • Corrected a few make X potion tasks requiring 1 more than they state
  • Production Prodigy (L4) now makes jugs of wine at 4x speed correctly
  • Loot pickpocketed will now add to the collection log before being noted by trickster
  • Corrected Ancient Sceptres not remembering autocast when weapon switching
  • Corrected divine battlemage no longer boosting defence levels
  • Corrected the pharaoh's sceptre recieved from collection log box
  • Wearing 99 attack skillcape now grants entry to the warriors guild without 130 combined
  • You can no longer use a cannon in the giant mole lair
    • With auto cannon reload scroll unlocked, your cannon takes the balls from your inventory as it hits 0 balls
    •  There is now a 1/50 chance this will not occur, and you will need to manually reload the cannon to prevent indefinite afking while 'dancing' to keep yourself from being marked as Idle
  • Corrected entering ToB only requiring 1 free slot for the leader so party members could lose their ambrosia
  • Removed an NPC in Falador mining named Hendor cosplaying as a prifddinas elf
  • Corrected Mixing correctly CA at Alchemical Hydra
  • Corrected announcement for completing X league tasks requiring +1 than it broadcasts
  • Morrigans in the tournament point store is now fixed version due to last update's changes
  • Fixed a bug with Forceful Wind Invocation at ToB, and lowered the chance by 50% of bosses knocking you back with it enabled
  • You can no longer enter Priffidinas using the Fairy mushroom if you don't meet the level requirements
  • Elf archers are no longer aggressive in LLetya
  • You can no longer wear Cerberus boots unless you have unlocked the ability to create them
  • Added "::tpRaidWarning" to re-enable the exit raid warning message if you've previously hidden it
  • Corrected Barrows not showing KC on collection log
  • Corrected claiming combat diary rewards with a full inventory not prompting you to free up space first
  • Corrected ToB combat speed tasks not unlocking when meeting the time requirement
  • Corrected Gauntlet drop rates being 50% less likely to drop than what they show on drop table viewer (so they're now more common)
  • Receiving the corrupted youngleff will now add the regular youngleff to your Collection log
    • If you already have it, talking to it will add it once to the log
  • Corrected Highest ToB Invocation on collection log showing the raid level/50 as your highest one completed incorrectly
  • Corrected a bug with Soul Stealer + dinhs bulwark being able to deal damage to ToA Obelisk in phase 2
  • Corrected a bug with Soul Stealer and being able to stun Leviathan indefinitely
  • There is now a 5 second delay after Leviathan's stun wears off, where the Leviathan cannot be stunned again
  • Unfortunately, this mechanic was abused by 13 players as verified by logs. As a result:
    • Gim Team #1 (3 members) - Permanently banned
    • Gim Team #2 (3 members) - All Leviathan drops removed from their accounts, mage levels reset to 1, 2 tumekens shadows deleted, 1 torva set deleted
    • 7 Individual players - All leviathan drops removed, all mage levels reset to 1, 1 valuable item removed from their account (twisted bow x2, zaryte crossbow x2, sang staff x2, divine spirit shield x1)
  • Updated the minimum amount of GP in your Wilderness coffer to 250k to enter the wild, rewarding pkers 225k of it if killed
  • Wilderness mobs are now excluded from rolling the global loot table, so drop rates will not be impacted / extend time you spend in the wild


Speaking of the Wilderness..

After an extensive revamp of how all relics work, I have enabled Leagues 3 & Leagues 4 Relics within the Wilderness:

  • All non combat relics can now proc their effect in the wilderness across both leagues, including sending resources to the bank
  • All combat relics can now proc their effect such as boosted accuracy/max hits, faster attack speed, rune saving etc, while in combat with an NPC
  • (Obviously) no relic effect from either league will apply in PvP combat

Exclusions / notes:

  • (Leagues 3) Living on a prayer relic will still not reduce prayer drain the wild
  • (Leagues 3) Larger recharger relic will still not provide faster special energy restore in the wild 
  • (Leagues 4) Weapons master relic will still not provide faster special energy restore in the wild 
  • (Leagues 4) Undying retribution relic can only proc in the wilderness if you have not been attacked by any player at all
    • The list of players who have attacked you can be cleared by waiting outside of the wilderness for 1 minute / relogging
  • (Leagues 4) Brawler's resolve will still not protect against fire breath, venom and poison within the wilderness, as these can be inflicted by players
  • (Leagues 4) Special energy transfer spell cannot be used in conjunction with weapons master for more than 1 transfer
  • (L3/L4) Ruinous prayers will remain disabled within the wilderness / pvp minigames as it would require a huge overhaul of prayers to differentiate applying the prayer boosts to pvp/pvm combat



Player made suggestions

Due to the Deadman Mode event beginning next week (and beta this week), and the above change to the Wilderness taking a very long time, I haven't had time to review all Suggestions this week. Below is what I have quickly thrown in:

  • Benjamin: Relics to work in Wilderness
    • Done
  • Otago: Add cannonball creation behind the chat filter
    • Done
  • Mezhone: More private instances
    • Added Giant Mole instance
      • As it costs money to enter, the Giant Mole will not burrow in an instance as QoL
    • Added Sarachnis instance
      • As it costs money to enter, Sarachnis will not walk to room corners in an instance as QoL
    • Added Thermonuclear smoke devil instance
    • Combat Diary rewards interface now shows how much the PvM instance cost will be per tier (200% regular cost down to 10%)
    • Updated how Bandos instance works to try and prevent a rare bug with it being stuck
  • Shane: More bosses to the fountain roll like Nex
    • Updated the 2x Nex fountain event to include 2x Corporeal beast so players can choose which mass to attend
      • Corporeal beast will require a minimum of 75 damage to receive a drop
      • Corporeal beast and regular Nex will now specify in chat what drop you received as Drop #1, Drop #2 etc
  • IlleniumBoi: Add a rotating boss drop event that changes
    • Not exactly what you're after, but with above changes to Nex / Corp event, and the below, we'll see how it flows before possible expansion
    • Added a new Wilderness Boss event, every ~7 hours all Wilderness bosses will receive boosted drop rates for 30 minutes (2-3 rolls per kill, at random)
  • EoZombie: Revamp slayer tasks/weighting
    • Some of your requests already exist
    • Adjusted most slayer task weightings
    • Added a chat message specifying the weight of the task you received and what contributes to calculating this. This will allow players to see the total amount of tasks they can receive increase as they level up / unlocking more tasks / unblock tasks etc


  • Nath BTW: Can Magic 200m cape have same stats as mage arena 2 capes
    • Updated to match
  • Alvskan: 200m Ranging cape to count as Avas
    • Done
  • Montferrat: Allow us to hide trivia
    • Already existed but corrected the command having a typo in it so it was unusable
  • Kelvo: Add chat message to specify quest level requirements for Muspah like DT
    • Added
  • Powder: Add a timer to cannon auto reload / auto collect clues
    • Added above to prevent indefinite afking
  • Fenris_vermir: Zalcano improvements
    • Zalcano will no longer randomly stop you mining / interrupt when you try to start 
    • Zalcano can no longer use 2 floor attacks back to back, and will no longer have a blue circle change to a red one underneath you

Easter Event

  • Will remain until next Friday's update, so make sure you've found your 50 eggs


PvP Tournaments

  • Added 5 new 1v1 Tournament formats
    • DDS deathmatch + veng
    • Voidwaker deathmatch
    • Harmonised Staff / Fire surge
    • Pure MSB / Obby Mauler
    • Welfare D Scim Melee
  • Added 2 new Multi Tournament formats
    • Free to play Range/Melee
    • Fire Strike 



Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to Jakerz, Kelvo & Ghostrip. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Corrupted Gauntlet - good luck!
  • The prize pool for this week has increased to $75, $50 and $25
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