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Deadman Mode - World #2


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Welcome to Vulcan's Monthly $3,000 USD Deadman Mode. Normally our schedule is a 2 week event, starting the 1st of each month:

  • First 7 days -> followed by a 1v1 tournament for $1,500 USD 
  • Second 7 days -> followed by Multi & 1v1 tournament for $1,500 USD 
  • The finals will be livestreamed on the VulcanRSPS twitch channel

You can join the Vulcan DMM Discord Here

Vulcan does not make profit from DMMs and they're very time consuming in code. Voting is the only thing that benefits Vulcan from the DMM, and the only reason I continue to provide them where other's don't, so if you'd like them to continue please ensure you vote


  • Normal (common sense) rules apply, no doxing, racism, bug abuse, vpn voting etc.
  • If above occurs, you and/or your entire team will be disqualified depending on severity
    • and we may not even tell you until you try to claim a prize

Server wide event schedule


Note: This thread serves as a guide and may become outdated in time. For example in June & July the above boosts have been increased and day 5 & 6 swapped around. Check the #Discord announcements for the most recent changes.

DMM Sigils


Have been updated to use the last OSRS DMM (Apocalypse) versions. No skilling sigils have been enabled & a couple of useless combat ones have been excluded.

Sigils work throughout the entire week and during the multi stage fights, but will completely disable in the 1v1s.

You can read all of their effects here, they're listed in the same order as below:

  • Starting Sigil
    • ✔ Sigil of Menacing Mage
    • ✔ Sigil of Feral Fighter
    • ✔ Sigil of the Ruthless Ranger
  • Tier 1
    • ✔ Sigil of Resistance
    • ✔ Sigil of Resilience
    • ✔ Sigil of Consistency
    • ✔ Sigil of the Formidable Fighter
    •  Sigil of the Rigorous Ranger 
    •  Sigil of the Meticulous Mage

    • ✔ Sigil of Deft Strikes

  • Tier 2
    • ✔ Sigil of the Augmented Thrall
    • ✔ Sigil of the Lightbearer
    • ✔ Sigil of Precision
    •  Sigil of Specialised Strikes
    • ✔ Sigil of the Porcupine
    •  Sigil of Binding
    • ✔ Sigil of Fortification
  • Tier 3
    • ✔ Sigil of Titanium
    • ✔ Sigil of the Ninja
    •  Sigil of Finality

    • ✔ Sigil of Pious Protection

    • ✔ Sigil of Aggression
    • ✔ Sigil of Rampage
    • ✔ Sigil of Last Recall
    •  Sigil of the Guardian Angel


DMM Breaches

  • Will spawn every 6-8 hours. One in Multi & one in Singles area.
  • Will announce the location 15 minutes before, and 5 minutes before they start spawning
  • Can select from 8 predetermined locations, 4 in multi and 4 in singles
    • Locations in Singles mean players cannot be tagged if they're being hit by the boss to match osrs
  • Have their own unique drop table for the DMM World including PvP weaponry
  • Emblems received from the breach can be traded in for 2x their regular value (1.5m - 30m range)



Multi Fog Stage

  • The Multi Fog stage will take place in a new area - the clan wars wasteland
  • The timer on the fog spread will force all players to the centre within 10 minutes
  • During the final minutes, a Breach of NPCs will spawn in the safe square, further inflicting damage to all players nearby
  • The final zone is now in the centre of the map, preventing 1 team locking down the only entrance/exit in the previous arena, and more closely resembling a Falador/Annakarl finish
  • The overlay will now show how many total entrants were there at the start



1v1 Fight Stage

  • The 1v1 fights will now ensure there is an even number of participants. To do so, more than 1 person will receive a bye round in the first round
  • All of these people will be placed in 1 separate arena, while the rest continue their fights
    • For example, if 98 people enter 30 of these would be given a bye round in round 1. leaving 68 people to fight, with 34 winners. These 34 winners would then be paired with the 30 who were given byes, totaling 64. This will then continue down to the final 2 -> 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2.
    • If someone disconnects, the system will re calculate how to get to an even number again, and award X numbers of players a bye
  • Items left on the ground will never appear in the 1v1 section for anybody, and will despawn after 5 minutes
  • Fog will no longer deal damage after the first round, but players that stall will be double eliminated manually by staff
  • 1v1s for the first round will spawn a bank chest in the arena and allow you to swap gear to match your opponent
  • Admins can pause the DMM round and correct any issues before it resumes
  • Admins can trade with players in a tournament in emergencies
  • The timer between rounds has increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds
  • The banks that spawn in round 1 will now stay for 3 minutes before they de-spawn
  • When the banks spawn they will specify they disappear when the timer hits 25
  • To combat gear fatigue every month you can select a default preset gear option, where you will be provided with the below basic setup but must bring your own food/potions:




Voting & Donations



  • From voting you will receive raw GP, cannonballs & exchange shop points
  • The amount of exchange shop points is your total level * 3.5
    • As such, I encourage you to vote, but do not open the Vote chest until you have a decent total level
    • Exchange shop points can be spent on cannonballs, food, potions and scroll shop points (mentioned below)




  • All donations are made via OSGP only
    • If you make a purchase from the website, it will not allow you to claim it without an admin verifying the order (which is reserved for long standing players)
  • You will be credited with bonds in-game. Claiming the bond will grant $25 to your donation rank and 25 donation points to spend in the store
  • The 2 main items you would purchase more than once are mystery boxes and scroll shop points


  • Mystery boxes will roll their own loot table on the DMM world, viewable in the drop table viewer



  • Scroll shop points grant various perks to your account, which can be read below, examples for dmm:
    • Dex / arcane prayer scrolls
    • Enchanted bolt scroll, which is a 10% increase for bolts to activate their special attack (kandarin hard diary reward from osrs)
    • Barrows mound scroll will also ensure the barrows tunnel is always under Ahrim


Misc Info

  • The experience rate is set at 15x for both Combat and Skilling
  • You will receive 30 minutes PvP immunity upon joining if within the first 36 hours of launch
    • This immunity will expire for entering the wilderness, attacking high level monsters, attacking players etc
  • $150 is the donation amount required to pick your own slayer tasks
  • All raids have a flat 2x boost for purples compared to our leagues world, stacking with the later day 5 boosts
  • Virtus has boosted stats compared to 07, being slightly better than ancestral
  • Upon a death, you will now be prevented from teleporting for 2 minutes
    • You will also be reverted to the modern spellbook
    • This timer will apply if you've recently logged in also
    • The only exception is using ::Home to teleport home, which is never restricted
  • If you die in PvM while skulled, your items will drop to the ground and show publicly to everybody instantly, regardless of if no player attacked you
  • Mystery boxes can be opened after 5 hours have passed in-game from launch
  • A Trivia question will randomly be asked every 30 minutes on the DMM world and the rewards will be 300k and 3x mystery box scraps. 25 Mystery box scraps can be combined into 1 free mystery box to open
  • The fountain will automatically roll random bonuses every ~2 hours
  • Every ~7 hours, an Awakened Nex event will begin. During this, you receive 8x drop rolls per kill, and the chance at a rare item is halved compared to regular Nex
    • Awakened Nex is Nex + DT2 awakened boss mechanics
    • This is a dangerous (pvp) area
    • Teleporting to the event will place you in a random position of the room to avoid 1 team clumping
  • Bofa/Morrigans axe/dorg cbow do not work with sigil of the ninja
  • Dying in PvP will clear your rune pouch of runes
  • You can sacrifice duplicate sigils you don't need by using them on the exchange master for exchange points
  • Damage dealt with a cannon grants 6x the XP in ranged it would on world 1 (3x damage vs 0.5x)
  • Items dropped on the ground outside of a safezone will appear instantly to other players
  • Picture: world 1 awakened nex


  • Leagues tab is not available, but completing Leagues tasks will add coins directly to your bank
  • PvP armour cannot be used, and will degrade instantly if obtained
    • PvP weapons are charged on world 1, but will not consume any charges on world 2
  • As with previous DMMs, Loot keys will be provided for your kill's inventory & gear
    • You will also receive 5 of their top 10 most valued items, as shown in a chat msg
  • You will be unable to enter a safezone for 5 minutes after attacking a player
  • There is no experience loss on death enabled (as this was polled last DMM)


Gear & Supplies

  • The same as our last DMM, the Emblem trader can be found outside of a safezone at Castle Wars to purchase gear or trade in emblems
  • The altar for spell book swapping is also here


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