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Update Log #31


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Corrected a minor bug allowing you to stack a couple of time invocations in ToA (only allowing an extra 10 or 20 raid levels, any higher attempts to glitch insta-killed you)
  • Corrected Saradomin GWD minions dropping shards frequently
  • Corrected Sage's greaves working for people who do not have the Trickster relic still unlocked
  • Corrected being able to kill Nex while she was in her spawning phase with a Bulwark special
  • Changed how unlocking Praying to the Gods CA task unlocks
  • Adjusted how frequently Mimic drops mystery box scraps due to unintended killing mechanics
  • Selecting a Jad or Zuk task will now cap at 1 per task, regardless of if you have the scroll unlocked
  • Corrected Zamorak GWD minions walking into walls from last patch
  • Creating a Divine rune pouch now specifies the runes from your regular rune pouch were sent to your bank, not deleted
  • Phantom Muspah
    • Corrected a bug of skipping the Prayer shield phase despite the chat msg saying you dealt no damage
    • Now has a delay where it cannot have hits apply while it does the shockwave attack
    • Now has a slight delay as it transitions phases where damage is nullified
    • Now has a maximum damage cap while it is in the teleporting phase around the room
    • Increased it's drop rates to accommodate for slightly slower kills
  • Corrected Black bears dropping ensouled head 100% of the time
  • Updated the 200m Cape Perks thread (::capeperks)
  • Corrected a bug with Holy sanguinesti staff
  • Updated how the Defeat Venenatis task checks to match the other kill count tasks
  • Production prodigy boost now applies to making thammaron's sceptre
  • Corrected Corporeal beast visually dropping 'boulders' due to jagex changing an ID instead of a white graphic
  • Adjusted the ToA MVP board to hopefully stop it very rarely showing someone else's invocation level
  • Corrected thamm/accursed sceptre damage boost not matching
  • Corrected Superior/Bloodthirsty Wyrms turning into regular Wyrms 
  • Corrected damage in Sotetseg Maze applying if the person exits the raid mid soteteg path
  • Lowered the Pillar collapse damage radius by 1 square in p1 Verzik
  • Updated Marble gargoyle drop table chances
  • Vardorvis can no longer be frozen still
  • Fixed a bug with magic XP and teleport to target in wilderness
  • Updated gauntlet timers to check when opening combat diary interface
  • Tephra is no longer sped up by using Ranged relic at Zalcano or using rapid style
  • Corrected some players losing their Leagues 3 / 4 icon on right click until relogging when entering wild
  • Corrected Tzhaar pickpocketing giving diamonds vs uncut
  • Corrected a bug with running far away from Whisperer during the pillar hide attack


Tournament Changes

  • Adjusted gear setups for Obby Maul, Welfare Melee and Magic (Harmonised staff)
  • The 1v1 fights will now ensure there is an even number of participants. To do so, more than 1 person will receive a bye round in the first round
  • All of these people will be placed in 1 separate arena, while the rest continue their fights
  • For example, if 98 people enter 30 of these would be given a bye round in round 1. leaving 68 people to fight, with 34 winners. These 34 winners would then be paired with the 30 who were given byes, totalling 64. This will then continue down to the final 2 -> 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2.
  • You can no longer double death due to poison
  • The top 4 and final 2 arenas have been visually updated


  • A new arena has been added to the Multi Tournament and will now be chosen 50% of the time
    • The Zamorak vs Saradomin theme will continue in this arena, just with a new layout



RuneLite Changes

Courtesy of Polar we now have the below RuneLite changes added:

  • Undying Retribution.png Undying Retribution timer
    • Will countdown for 3 minutes until your undying retribution is active again
  • Crystal of memories.png Last Recall timer
    • Will countdown for 6 minutes until it regains power
      • if you're a donator and have faster recall usage, the timer will disappear from your screen before it hits 0. This will indicate it's ready for use (did not want to overcomplicate this to make it per donator tier)


  • Run / Walk - Using Control Key
    • This can be configured within the Settings in-game



  • Control + T to teleport
    • Similar to control + b to open bank, control + T will now open the teleporter for you
  • Control + H to Home
    • As above, control + H will automatically teleport you Home



Zalcano Event

  • A new scroll has been added to the Scroll point shop - Double Zalcano (1hr)
  • Consuming the scroll will grant double experience to mining & runecrafting at Zalcano
  • You will also receive 2x loot rolls per kill completed 
  • Zalcano now requires you to have dealt some damage to receive loot



Player made suggestions

  • Illeniumboi: separate scroll shops to timed/permanent as it's full
    • Separated to tradeable / untradeable scroll shops
  • Rock: Totem pieces 100% drop from superiors in catacombs
    • Added a 100% totem drop to your superior & bloodthirsty kills
    • It will roll the next piece you need in the totem in line with the rest of catacombs
  • Illeniumboi: a scroll to provide afk obelisk time
    • Added to the untradeable scroll shop
  • Bub: DK ring drop rates
    • Lowered Berserker ring from 1/338 to 1/276 (-50 kills)
    • Lowered Archer's ring from 1/211 to 1/187 (-25 kills)
    • Lowered Seer's ring from 1/371 to 1/324 (-50 kills)
  • Deadmen: Corporeal beast to 2k hp 
    • Increased from 1k to 2k
    • Lowered damage requirement to 50 to receive loot
  • Otago: show your private instance info in quest tab
    • Added below your personal info, showing your instance name & duration left


  • Parukes: Undying retribution timer
    • Added above
  • ItzPennyWise: Leagues 3 craftsmen set effect
    • Added set effect of the Craftsmen
    • This is similar to Leagues 4 - Production Prodigy speeding up activities, but will only apply to
      • Smithing
      • Crafting
      • Fletching - including inside of Wintertodt
  • Uncivil: PK accounts need to be removed
    • Increased their entry fee to wilderness to 1.5m to ensure they're always risking wealth while in wild
  • Ursine: allow guardian spawn msg to be filtered
    • Added behind chat filter
  • Noobody: Add gaurdians of the rift
    • As this is a big job, hopefully the updated Zalcano event makes RC better before we explore this
  • Ursine: Disable Cannon at revenant caves
    • Done
  • The Chunch: Change collection log rewards for cerberus, nex hydra & sire
    • Updated to replace their scrolls that most would already have by this point
  • NoDropsYet: Command for instance timer remaining
    • Added to quest tab above already
  • Oli: Personal banker buff for Leagues 3
    • Buffed from 50% + sages renown to 75% + sages renown
  • Mehoyminoy: Ruinous prayers overhead
    • Removed Intensify counting as an overhead prayer to match leagues 4 versions as it was changed since when I originally added them
  • Multiple people: Buff range
    • With Shadow's insane accuracy for all monsters, the above change to ruinous prayers to allow Intensify (+40% accuracy all styles) to stack with other overheads should bring melee & range accuracy up without changing magic (it will result in less damage boosting through prayer though)
  • 240: Pillory guard pet
    • I give you the Pillory Cadet
    • Will triple the amount of gold you receive from the pillory guard
    • Will block the pillory guard from spawning 10% of the time when following you



Noted to come in the next 2 weeks

  • Bob: Nightmare of Ashihama
    • Nightmare is currently on my list of changes I want to revamp but didn't make the cut this week
  • Multiple People: Add more items to the sacrifice shop
    • This is coming - dinhs, d claws, justiciar, ancient godsword, avernics, dragon armour, cerberus crystals, ghrazi rapier, hydra leather, spirit shields etc
  • GE history tab
  • Update James pricing with the most recent data
  • Ruinous quick prayers
  • And multiple others suggestions


Holiday / Server Events

Vulcan Bingo Event

  • A new Discord event has been added for Saturday April 20th, Vulcan Bingo!
    • A Bingo card will be posted in the lead up specifying 16-25 different challenges
    • First 3 players to compete a line on the bingo card will win
    • The prize pool will be in excess of $500 USD
    • All players will have to start a new account and select 'Bingo' as their game mode to play
    • The event will run for approx. 3-5 hours for completion.


Easter Event

  • Easter event has now concluded, hope you all found your 50 rewards!


Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to Vekk, Yomo Chances. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Phantom Muspah - good luck!
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