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Update Log #32


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Sapphire bolts (e) now count towards dropping Muspah's prayer like the dragon sapphire bolts, smite and arceuus spellbook
  • Fang and craws bow can now be made with boosted stats from prod prodigy
  • Fixed sanguinesti staff not healing at all
  • Hotfixed: Fixed scythe of vitur having 3x attack slash bonus from my testing earlier in live game
  • Fixed vial of blood not adding to collection log
  • You can now obtain the CoX and ToB capes for log completion by completing a raid with a party size equal to the cape (so a solo for sinhaza shroud 1, duo for sinhaza shroud 2 etc)
  • Brimstone chest now drops broken dragon hasta for collection log
  • Corrected 1v1 tournament giving you ~100 runes for veng as you exit the tournament from a dmm change
  • Zalcano no longer awards loot to an 'mvp' specific player as all players should receive equal loot
  • Fixed Zalcano with ranged relic being 1t slower to attack than non-ranged relic users
  • Using brews while using divine potions will no longer allow the divines to boost your levels back up incorrectly
  • Corrected new multi arena having some spots marked as singles
  • Anglerfish no longer overheal to 121 if you're in pvp combat within the last 10 seconds
  • Freezes are now broken at 10 tile distance vs 12
  • Saturated heart boost now only lasts for 5 minutes vs 7
  • Saturated heart will no longer boost back up if you brew down
  • Added KC receiving for Skotizo pet to broadcast message
  • Breach slayer monsters no longer require a slayer level to attack
  • Corrected Amethyst dart animation when adding tips to feathers
  • Corrected Verzik's yellow balls hitting after she dies
  • Corrected wilderness coffer dialogue not showing up to explain the 250k requirement
  • Melee welfare tournament now comes with 94 magic to use veng runes given
  • Base Slayer helmet now hides your beard when equipped
  • Added orange & blue egg sacs to the grubby key loot chest for collection log
  • Leagues 3 The Craftsmen set effect now increases bolt tip crafting speed correctly
  • The Pet Shrine now correctly states the XP boost from each skilling pet
  • Chef's catch now stacks with personal banker / greedy gatherer
  • Equip full gilded task now counts plateskirt & legs
  • You now require 1 free invent slot to alch items
  • Ancient godsword now counts towards equip a godsword task
  • Corrected Pet Muphin description stating 5% att/str boost vs 2% on forums
  • Corrected trivia question asking the most common element in the earth's atmosphere
  • Corrected Zalcano dropping a tome of fire with 0 charges vs just uncharged
  • 200m Attack cape can now proc with a max infernal cape in bank (vs just requiring an infernal)
  • 200m Strength cape message is now hidden by chat filter
  • Corrected Callisto & Artio combat stats to match osrs
  • Corrected when Alchenical hydra and other hp related tasks unlock
  • Awakened DT2 Bosses no longer respawn in their instance
  • Berserker will now only max hit on NPCs with full hp if they are not stunned (for Leviathan mostly)
  • Dark essence mining can now trigger the pillory guard check correctly
  • Dragon chainbody (g) now correctly hides shirts
  • Lowered bloodbark armour's heal amount from 50% to 35% to match osrs
  • Impling jars can no longer rarely break with Trickster relic on L4 accounts
  • You can no longer be hit while in the ToB death cage if someone steps off the Sotetseg path
  • Each month your 1 vote streak warning will reset, granting you 1 chance per month to miss your streak
  • Updated the Tzhaar pickpocket table to match osrs
  • Having a Max Cape in your inventory now acts as Crystal of memories for saving recall location
  • Corrected Pillory cadet not having the pick-up option on the pet
  • Fixed gargoyle auto smasher not working if you 1 hit the gargoyle and it hasn't hit you
  • Corrected Zebak and Baba spawning from both sides of the Wardens from last week's changes
  • The player count will now show per world when using the world switcher now that we support 2 worlds
  • The Tombs of Amascut pet is no longer a flat 1/600 chance regardless of raid level
    • The pet is now a (1/1,250 - raid level) drop, meaning 0 invoc is 1/1,250 and 1,000 invoc is 1/250
  • The Fountain Scroll now ensures you always enable a new bonus when using a scroll
    • It will go in the order found in the quest tab until it finds a bonus not already activated when the initial fountain roll happens
    • This means if the fountain scroll turns on +50% XP, +50% Drops, +50% Pets, the guaranteed roll will ensure the next one turns on (in this case, +50% Raids loot)
  • Updated James' TP History with recently traded items
    • due to our weekly update structure, I've moved the pricing data to be from the past week of trades only to be more accurate (vs past month)
    • keep in mind low volume items can have their prices manipulated easily
    • and accidental trades (i.e. selling tbow for 1.8m vs 1.8b) will influence the averages you see
  • Added a new daily XP lamp, received for logging in every 24 hours
    • Requiring at least level 60 in the skill to be used
    • You must have at least 5 hours of playtime to receive this
    • A chat message on login will specify your timer
  • The above daily XP lamp can also be received as a reward from Voting if you roll a bonus scroll

Report-a-bug channel

Some keen eye observers will have noticed I have closed down #report-a-bug channel. This is something I do 2-3 months after a large update as by this point every piece of content has been played 100s of times and bugs corrected. Bugs that are stumbling in very slowly over the recent weeks are now very minor changes and not worth an entire channel for. As such, you can now message staff members to report a bug or post on the forums and staff will pass them on to myself each week (assuming they're big enough to warrant dev time). Moving forward majority of the weekly dev time will be focused on player suggestions (as seen below)


Deadman Mode #6 and new purpose for World 2


New purpose for World 2 / DMM:

At the request of @Deadmen the below changes have been made: Moving forward Vulcan will host a weekly Deadman Mode event with a prize pool of $1,000 USD / 6,000m OSGP (every weekend), with a similar format to Rust

  • At the start of each month, all accounts will be fully wiped
  • At the end of each week, any account that enters the final 1v1 will lose their gear, non-combat stats and point balances (pvm, skilling, exchange points, etc). You will keep your combat stats & prayers unlocked and just need to rebuild your gear for the following weekend's multi & 1v1 stage
  • As I can see gear fatigue becoming a thing (having to kill demonics every week for example) a very very basic gear setup will be provided to enter the 1v1s to encourage everyone to still participate if you didn't have time to gear that week

Changes implemented since last weekend's DMM #6:

  • Admins can now pause the DMM round and correct any issues before it resumes
  • Admins can now trade with players in a tournament in emergencies
  • The timer between rounds has increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds
  • The banks that spawn in round 1 will now stay for 3 minutes before they de-spawn
  • When the banks spawn they will specify they disappear when the timer hits 25
  • Mystery boxes have been made untradeable again
  • Divine / regular rune pouches will no longer drop to the ground for your opponent
  • Breaches can now spawn in all 8 locations over the map vs just 4 in the wilderness
  • Breaches can now spawn in single locations
  • Loot keys from PKs will now specify where the key has gone to both players involved
  • Disabled special regeneration perk 
  • Freezes now break when a player traverses up/down a ladder
  • Morrigans axes/javelins have been added to the global loot table
  • BOFA and VW now default to the best attack style
  • Bofa/Morrigans axe/dorg cbow no longer work with sigil of the ninja
  • Dying in PvP will now delete your rune pouch + runes inside
  • God staff are now lost on PvP deaths
  • You will no longer keep 3 items when you die unskulled
  • You will no longer keep untradeables on death that are normally lost to match osrs
  • Dt2 bosses now receive 3x loot from day four with other bosses
  • Graphics now play for the final winner

You can join the DMM Discord here:



Player made suggestions

  • Multiple People: Add more items to the sacrifice shop
    • Added the below 23 new items
    • Any others you'd like to see #Suggestions


  • 180mhs/Sleepy: preset load-last option
    • Added as a new right-click option the Preset Master


  • Chxpo: match wildy boss stats to osrs
    • Corrected Venenatis & Callisto having outdated stats
  • Laws: preset delete confirmation
    • Added a dialogue pop up to confirm deletion


  • Sleepy: add revenant cave tp to revs
    • Added to higher level revenants as a common drop
  • FoxSkin: Speed up bolt & arrow production
    • Added a new scroll which allows you to craft bolt & arrows at 250/2ticks vs 10/2ticks
  • Dznuts: Lower saturdated heart CD to 5min
    • Done above
  • 240/RN Jesus: Add Zalcano event to ::events status checker
    • Added
    • Also added a new event that players can begin


  • Juice WRLD: Voting for Comp cape requirement
    • Completionist cape now requires 75 total votes, not 15 consecutive days
  • Nath BTW: Add something to skilling point store
    • Added mystery boxes as a sink for your leftover points
  • Friction: Add more scrolls to vote shop
    • Added below scrolls ranging from 20 to 45 pts each (due to large number of unused vote tickets in economy, i've had to make the prices slightly rougher on irons, but they can still benefit from the server wide event ones)
      • double pets (1hr), double wintertodt (server wide, 1hr), double barrows loot (server, 1hr), double zalcano (server, 1hr), double slayer pts (server wide, 1hr)
  • Sainty: Lower cost of ornament kit boxes in pvm
    • Lowered Ornament kit box from 3,750 to 1,250 pts each
    • Lowered Crystal armour seed from 12,500 to 8,500
  • Deklab: Allow us to buy more than 10k items at a time 
    • Increased maximum purchase from 10,000 to 50,000 per transaction
    • *This limit applies to stop people buying 2m feathers and opening a support ticket for a refund
  • Young Carroazza: Add Slayer task runelite plugin/fix
    • Fixed the Slayer plugin, now showing the task amount remaining, and the icon of the task you're assigned. It may default to a slayer gem if it's a custom task or there's a name mismatch, just let me know and i'll fix it up


  • Friction: Revamp 200m Cape Bonuses
    • One of the main concerns here raised was the bonuses and comp cape feeling lackluster
    • I've lowered the price of 200m XP capes to 75m coins (previously 200m coins)
    • I've adjusted how the comp cape can access the 200m cape perks
      • Previously it was 75% chance if you had 200m XP in the skill for the perk you were accessing. It is now 90% if you have 200m
      • Previously it was 15% chance if you did not have 200m XP in the skill, it is now 45%. With these changes I feel Comp cape will encourage grinds towards 200m as you'll already be getting the 200m cape benefit
    • I hope with the above changes we find them in a slightly more desirable place, but have not changed any cape effect except the below currently
      • Strength master cape: Increased chance to boost your damage by 25% from 1% to 5%
      • Ranged master cape: 10% chance to deal a second hit equal to 25% of your original hit, ensuring we don't too heavily favour faster hitting ranged weapons with a flat damage boost (this cape also acts as an accumulator) 


  • Sainty: Remove Skotizo from Global Loot Table
    • Done
  • Fyto: Breach changes
    • All breach loot will now spawn at your feet
    • Lowered the required damage from 50 to 30 to receive a loot roll
    • Increased the top 3 players to deal damage receiving loot to top 4
  • Fyto: Combining crystal key halves QoL
    • Combining halves and tooths will now process all items in your inventory at once
    • Expanded this to include noted versions also


  • Tedge: Increase base slayer pts for boss tasks
    • As this is determined by the amount of kills you do, I've set the base to a minimum of 12 for any boss task
  • Alvskan: Slayer assignment cancel takes too long, QoL?
    • Added a right click 'cancel' option to the 3 slayer masters
    • This will cancel your current task, and go straight into the dialogue of selecting a new task type


  • Alvskan: Make Nex / Awakened Nex unattackable until all 4 corners are killed
    • Nex will no longer retaliate and no damage splats will appear until all 4 minions are dead
  • Potato: Make Ruinous prayers 100% protection
    • Made it 100% protection in all combat scenarios
    • Including specific scenarios like Leviathan, Duke and ToA Wardens where it had a min damage 
    • ToA and ToB invocations that pierce prayer will still do so against ruinous (like reg prayers)
  • Tommate93/Many others: Pet Perks are too expensive for small gains
    • Made the below improvements to Pet perks when they've been upgraded
      • Gauntlet Pet - 25% chance to boost gauntlet loot
        • Now 50% chance
        • Upgrade cost reduced from 55k shards to 50k shards
        • Now boosts loot for both gauntlet runs
      • Corrupted Gauntlet Pet - 25% chance to boost corrupted gauntlet loot
        • Now 50% chance
        • Upgrade cost reduced from 110k shards to 50k shards
        • Now boosts loot for both gauntlet runs
      • CoX Pet - 3% damage boost to all PvM attacks
        • Now has a 12% damage boost
      • Muspah Pet - 2% damage and accuracy boost in PvM
        • Now provides 5% in both
      • ToB Pet - 4% damage boost to all PvM attacks
        • Now has a 12% damage boost
      • ToA Pet - 4% damage and accuracy boost on all PvM attacks
        • Now provides 8% to damage and accuracy
      • Dragon Pets - Provides a 5% DPS increase against dragons (including Olm)
        • Now provides a 12% boost
      • Corporeal Beast - Provides a 5% damage boost on all PvM attacks
        • Now provides 8%
      • Nexling - Provides a 5% chance for an Ancient Magick effect to hit your target
        • Now provides 8%
      • Rocky Pet - Provides a 2% chance to add 6 extra rolls to your pickpocket
        • Now provides a 3% chance to do so
        • Provides 6 extra rolls with Trickster relic, or 10 extra rolls without it
  • Deklab: Make purple sweets more common
    • Added to exchange point shop
  • Amo: Add auto herb cleaning to match the osrs update
    • Added as a 1 tick per herb
    • Production prodigy will speed this up


  • Bonquiqui: Ability for Irons to get wrath runes easier
    • Added to exchange point shop
  • Multiple people: Add purple CoX light
    • Added the white / purple light above CoX chest, indicating a regular or unique reward rolled
    • The global announcement of your drop will now delay for 20 seconds before it triggers, so your chat box will not show the purple either


  • Multiple People: Add Grand Exchange history
    • Added, storing your history on a weekly basis in line with James' TP pricing data



Weekend Events

Fountain Event
  • All fountain bonuses will be enabled for 24 hours this coming weekend


Vulcan Bingo Event

  • The Vulcan Bingo event will take place this coming weekend
    • First 5 players to compete a line on the bingo card will claim prizes as seen below


Place Prize 
1st $200 USD
2nd $150 USD
3rd $100 USD
4th $75 in Bonds
5th $50 in Bonds


  • All accounts will start fresh on launch time when the Bingo event begins, and will select Leagues 4Event (gamemode)
  • Bingo accounts are 'Elite Iron' accounts for some restrictions placed like no donations
  • Bingo accounts cannot claim votes
  • Bingo accounts will not appear on the hiscores, and cannot change gamemode at Mac
  • Bingo accounts will receive regular XP rates, and will benefit from fountain / scroll XP boosts
  • For future bingo events, if this one runs with a lot of interest
    • I will incorporate the below into an in-game interface that marks off tasks as you go
    • And announce as bingo accounts complete tasks on the bingo card, how many total they've done etc


Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to Brogan (leagues 3 account!)Tedge L4, & GIM Sadness. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Chambers of Xeric (Solo) - good luck!
  • And congratulations below to the winners of the tournaments hosted this past week:



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