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Howdy Gamers,


A lot of questions come up on how to get community favour, how to complete tasks and what the rewards are. Details below, majestic annotation and pet included.

Important NPCS :



Shop :



The shop is where you spend favour, I'll add a brief description of items below, it'll go from left to right and will have hyperlinks to the osrs wiki if further information is needed.


Ash Sanctifier - 400 Points

Bone Crusher - 400 Points

Book Of The Dead - 1750 Points

TownBoard Gem - 250 Points

Darklight - 350 points

Rada's Blessing 4 - 750 Points

Keris Partisan - 1250 Points

Salve Amulet - 1250 Points

Locator Orb -1000 points - This decreases the players health by 10 per click, you cannot kill yourself with it

Dyes - 7500 Points - Dye the Twisted Bow

Jad Slippers - 1500 Points - Cosmetic AF

Scroll Shop Points (100) -  6000 Points - This gives 100 scroll points




How to Get Points

You obtain points by either completing townboard tasks, personal tasks, using a scroll obtainable from the scroll shop/vote chests or by mining the shooting start.

The shooting star doesn't really need a section, you get GP and 1 Community Point per successful mine, it triggers randomly, from a scroll or a small chance when completing a townboard task.


Townboard -


The townboard has community tasks that refresh every 3 hours by ingame time, if you click the time in the bottom left it'll let you know the current server time.

To refresh the view, you can click the bottom right button or click the tabs across the top.

The board generates 6 tasks at a time, each 1% of the task gives 1 point. Points do not round up. Items must be noted and right click -> used on the board to turn them in.

In the below example each sarachnis kill would be worth 5 community favour.

Once the task is complete you cannot gain community favour for it.

You also have a chance to trigger a shooting star or fountain roll from completing townboard tasks.





Personal Tasks


The taskmaster will give you 5 tasks at once, this resets when you vote.

Each task is worth 100 points and similarly to townboard tasks you can partially complete them.

You must use noted items on the taskmaster to complete tasks other than some niche items, such as Coins, 1 Abyssal Whip etc (there may be more exceptions, generally use noted, if he doesn't accept it then unnote it)



Available Tasks



Tasks can be divided into Skill, Kill, Complete and Sacrifice tasks generally.

Examples of each below :

Skill -

Pickpocket 100 vyres

Pickpocket 50 heroes

Burn 100 yew logs

Kill -

Kill God Wars Bosses

Kill Sarachnis

Kill Rune Dragons

Complete -

Open a master clue casket

Complete the fight caves

Complete the six jad challenge

Sacrifice -

Sacrifice 100 raw sharks

Sacrifice 5000 Zulrah Scales

Sacrifice 4000000 GP.







This majestic little creature is how you're going to rake in those points. It costs 200m (100m for Irons) to upgrade him but it is worth it in the long run.

The upgrade perk is -


All contributions to the town board are permanently doubled with the pet out

This may sound pretty average, right?


It can also DOUBLE the contribution points you recieve. For example, if you upgrade this pet and hand in a sacrifice task of 4000000 coins, you only need to hand in 2000000 coins to complete the task.

However, if you hand in all 4000000 coins, you will get 200 community favour rather than 100 for completing the task, as you have essentially completed it twice.

This takes your maximum gains from 1000 points daily (only doing personal tasks) to 2000 points. This doesn't include any of the townboard tasks you snipe faster from double contributions, or double points from sacrifice tasks.




Goodluck grinding gamers, any questions shoot me a pm @ytnias on discord or ingame



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