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Update Log


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  • Dying to a bounty target causing some people to get stuck
  • Wild resource arena charging 750k instead of 75k
  • Fixed bug not allowing purchase of prayer scrolls from donator store
  • Fixed beaver pet turning into freaky forester for forestry2
  • Removed zulrah's scale from rev drop table
  • Fixed air runecrafting altar not working
  • Corrected clue scroll auto-complete price being 10x
  • Corrected chop 100 willow logs completing at 1 log
  • Corrected fletch maple longbows in Kandarin not unlocking
  • Cleared all GIM groups for people to reform new ones Reborn
  • Removed empty buttons on gamemode selector, fixing people not getting choice
  • Fixed bastion in hybrid set not working
  • Corrected iban's staff price to 2m
  • Added a defence requirement to black d'hide body (t)
  • Zanaris bankers are no longer hostile
  • Added restrictions to claiming new starter kits / starting sigils
  • Removed value for food available in pk sets 
  • Granite now gives granite, sandstone gives sandstone ore
  • Decreased price of runes in mage store
  • Added additional messages in chat to say why you didn't earn pk points / streaks
  • Blighted sacks can no longer be used outside of the wilderness
  • Teleport cost will now be equal to your total level for the first 3 hours of playtime (then 2x)
  • Corrected praying respects fragment deleting all dropped items vs just bones
  • You can now only gain xp in wintertodt if it's an unlocked boss
  • Removed admin/owner/dev rank adding to hiscores
  • Corrected elite ironman being unable to claim votes
  • Corrected gilded / home altar not granting additional prayer xp
  • Can no longer gain fragment rolls from afk area
  • Fixed ;;home working above 30 wildy
  • Increased help cc size from 250 max to 500


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