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Update Log #33


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Overload boost now resets upon death from the CoX lobby
  • Orange & blue egg sacs from grubby key now add to collection log
  • Corrected Toxic staff of the dead not being (uncharged) on exchange shop
  • Corrected Impling Jars always breaking with trickster vs never
  • Fast fletching ammo scroll status now shows up on 'Status' of scroll master
  • Fast fletching ammo scroll now also applies to adding feathers to bolts
  • Dinhs bulwark special attack no longer hits the sleeping wardens in p1 ToA
  • Teak & magic log cutting is now behind the chat filter
  • Corrected Nex Master requiring 150kc vs 25kc as stated
  • Corrected combat achievement:
    • Unconventional - defeat Leviathan below 25hp with mithril ammo
    • Also added failure dialogue similar to ToB CAs so you know once you need to reset
  • Corrected 2 ToB combat achievements -
    • C-hally time (finish bloat with a c hally special attack)
    • Appropriate tools (finish bloat while all party members wear a salve amulet)
  • Ring of the elements now correctly adds to the collection log from the box 
  • 200m Strength cape can now proc effect with max infernal in bank vs just reg infernal
  • 200m Attack cape now sends a filtered message when it procs the 1/20 chance
  • As a PvM instance expires, you will now be removed from the instance
  • (DMM) Corrected damage being removed if you enter/exit warrior guild doors
  • (DMM) Removed K'ril from breaches 
  • (DMM) The stairs in Canifis pub and doors on the upper level now function for escapes
  • (DMM) The lumbridge swamp caves rope now functions for escapes
  • (DMM) You can now pass through the Al-Kharid gate for escapes
  • (DMM) The gate to enter PvP arena will no longer spawn in
  • (DMM) Sigil of Titanium now correctly lowers crystalline / corrupted hunleff damage by 50%
  • (DMM) If a freeze is broken by a player running 11 or more squares away, the target will now receive a few seconds of freeze immunity
  • Updated James' Pricing history for the past 3 weeks


Player made suggestions

  • Alvskan: Add brimstone & larran keys to auto pickup
    • Now available as a new scroll in the scroll shop to auto collect these for you
  • 3 Doors down: Exchange all scroll boxes at once to masters
    • Added a new right click option to Watson for scroll-boxes
    • This will check how many scroll boxes you have of each, and replace them with master scroll boxes automatically


  • Otago: Add 50 scroll point scroll
    • Added to all places you can purchase the 100 scroll point scroll
  • Vrestraint: Rates of receiving god blessings for clues
    • Increased chance of receiving a blessing by 5x
  • NoDropsYet: L4 animation fix plugin
    • Added the L4 animation plugin to the plugin hub -
    • (although i'm unsure what this was supposed to do exactly, it seems broken to me so once someone confirms how it functions ill check it)
  • BonQuiQui: Add left click build/remove option to match osrs update
    • This will be hotfixed Monday and will just need you to reload the client to take effect (no update)
  • Con: 1t Prayer bones on chaos altar
    • Rather than make you do this, I've just set bones on altar to 1 tick per bone automatically (currently 3)
  • Go again: Add prayer regen to soul stealer 
    • Unfortunately this is a donator perk (and a good one) and I can't host a server for free. I have however increased this from 10% of damage dealt to 20% hp regen
  • Shank/Bonquiqui: More items to exchange master
    • Added the below items, keeping in mind we don't want everything to have a pegged value to the exchange shop:
      • Arcane / dexterous prayer scrolls
      • Magus Vestige from Duke
    • I have also noted down the request for the below, and will decide next week:
      • Zulrah fangs & serpentine visage
      • Vestiges from all 4 DT2 bosses
      • Boss Jars
  • Tacocat: Increase max charges on trident
    • Increased the maximum charges on trident of the swamp by 5x (2,500 -> 12,500)


Vulcan Mobile

  • Some keen eyed players noticed this popped up on our advertising yesterday.. and they were right! Get ready to run Tombs of Amascut with your attack speed relics from the comfort of your own bed! 


  • Vulcan will begin testing mobile with staff members & high tier donators in the coming weeks
  • I will begin with Android and expand as we are confident and comfortable with mobile compatibility 
  • This has been (and will continue to be) the reason the update logs seems lighter than they were throughout every week of April



Weekend Events

#1 - Fountain Event
  • All fountain bonuses will be enabled for 24 hours this coming weekend


#2 - Vulcan Weekly DMM
  • The first run of our $1,000 USD weekly DMM will conclude this Sunday, where participants will fight it out in a Multi stage & 1v1 stage elimination 
  • This will be livestreamed on the vulcanrsps twitch
  • At the completion of the tournament, the weekly boosts will reset & players that enter the 1v1s will lose their inventory & equipment, and will have their non-combat stats reset. The week will then start over with another 1v1 tournament the following weekend


Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to Sekrue, Jonny1 & Powdah. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Theatre of Blood (Solo) 
  • I've also increased the prize pool to $150 / $100 / $50 for this week's challenge

And congratulations to our tournament winners this week:


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