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Update Log #2


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- Corrected some incorrect/missing hiscore icons
- Corrected gims not showing up on hiscores
- Fixed realism iron + torva showing up as owner
- Lowered chance of sigils degrading by 25%
- Increased rate at which ge bot purchases items by 500%
- Corrected morrigans javs from mbox being 1 vs 50
- Farmers are no longer aggro at fally patch
- Anti d-shield no longer counts as a dragon item
- Removed 60 attack requirement on d defender
- Cannot use ;;home above 20 wilderness
- Added def reqs to black d'hide (g) / (t)
- Corrected deeper pockets granting higher success rate vs chance at 2x loot
- Added pet option to another dog variant for task
- Increased chance to roll fragments by 15%
- Removed ladder in neitiznot taking you out of bounds
- GP is now added to your bank for unlocking bosses & skills vs just skills
- 'Collect' option on g.e north/south booths now work
- Corrected women in lumbridge having stats of knight of ardy
- Removed remote bank scroll from vote chest
- Fixed tempeross killcount in collection log
- Fixed head guard @ kourend hitting up to 30 damage lol
- Fixed wizards south of fally having their drop table under estate agent
- Corrected mine 30 granite task not working
- Fixed praying respects not including your gamemode xp boost
- Fixed slayer interface mixing up block with cancel, and cancel being unusable
- Mithril gloves no longer count to mithril weapon task
- Black wizard robes no longer count towards black armour task
- Added worn equipment requirements to various clue scroll items
- Fixed going up/down lumbridge stairs (possibly breaks other staircases?)
- Rolling a clue bottle will now go to ground if inventory is full
- Re-enabled combination runecrafting
- Increased max amount of coin pouches from 28 to 200

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