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PvM What are your Relic Combos?


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On 10/14/2023 at 5:22 PM, Kewlaid said:

Anyone else wanna post what they use for Bandos or any GWD or Even Raids?

For Bandos I just use all 3 available twin strikes relics (slay n pay/bandosian might/special discount)
Then I put in 3 absolute unit fragments (venomaster/saradominist defence and any 3rd fragment that has absolute unit)
Then I put 1 extra knifes edge fragment (praying respects most of the time for passive prayer exp)

Gear wise I use bandos godsword/tassets/bcp and boots (boots can be replaced with pet or blessing  if you have it)
Then faceguard, fire or infernal cape, ring of suffering for higher defence bonusses but berserker ring i is also good for extra max hit and then either barrows or infernal gloves
Then i just use last recall, use the pool at home, drop specs on graardor, keep autoing until it dies, pray melee or range and try not to aggro the mage minion

For sigils i use preservation and either deft strikes for accuracy or aggression for more dmg

You can also replace praying respects with thrall fragment if you have it maxed, thralls are good everywhere

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