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Update Log #3


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#Suggestions - will be reviewed as the bugs slow down

Miscellaneous Bugs (low tier)

  • Fixed the last 4 bosses not being clickable in collection log
  • Removed herb patches from wilderness resource area
  • Global clue scrolls rolled will now go to floor if inventory is full
  • Defeat a superior task should now unlock
  • Removed random cave horror spawned in falador mine
  • Removed developer rank showing on hiscores
  • Fixed fountain rolling nothing but not auto-resetting
  • Changed chances to roll each fountain perk
  • Corrected xp/drop table from elf in prifddinas entrance
  • you now require a thieving level to pickpocket master farmer for task
  • added 50 attack level requirement to iban's staff u
  • Fixed cooking gauntlets not lowering the burn level for monkfish
  • Corrected a bug with nmz dreams
  • Fixed a bug with mining xp at sandstone/granite
  • Fixed jad granting 2x kill count upon finish
  • Added prayer bonus to ancient cloak
  • Catching an anchovy will now also unlock the shrimp task if youre > 40 fishing
  • Iban's blast now requires the staff to be equipped to cast
  • Added a missing lizardman shaman to the slayer npcs list
  • Fixed email validation link not working on forums
  • Can no longer gain killcount @ wintertodt without having it unlocked
  • Corrected harmony island teleport needing 71 
  • You can now cut pineapples into chunks to place on a pizza
  • Fixed a broken object on the falador rooftop course
  • You can now use clockwork and logs to make a bird house for the 2 tasks
  • Some food/pots have been made tradeable again
  • Fixed amonite crabs having 100 defence
  • Added 60 att requirement to infernal axe
  • Fixed oily cloth vs oily fishing rod in gen store
  • Corrected defeat a wyvern task not unlocking
  • Fixed reach level 120 combat task unlocking at 110
  • Elemental staffs no longer give credit to battle staffs task
  • Added range req to armadyl d'hide boots
  • Elder robes now count as Zamorak items
  • Added range level requirements to black d'hide (t) and (g)
  • Added missing moss giant spawns west of fishing guild
  • Added an attack level to brypohyta's staff
  • Cyclops under warriors guild now have stats to damage you
  • Added a protect value to iban's staff (u)
  • Fixed mimic / crystal anvil retired events still announcing @ townboard (but not activating)
  • Corrected ring of endurance being unwearable
  • Made dust devils in smoke dungeon area multi
  • Corrected all skill icons in 99 level messages being off by 1 skill
  • Uncharged toxic staff of the dead can now autocast ancients
  • Added value to chromium ingot's and vestige pieces to announce globally
  • Fixed a typo in receiving a pet global broadcast
  • Removed sigils from the preset loading temporarily
  • Corrected a bug with afk obelisk granting excessive time
  • You can no longer cannon npc's that you lack the slayer level for
  • Lowered the raw gp reward from barrows
  • Added a timer to dogs to remove if they arent killed at calvarion

Miscellaneous Bugs (note-worthy)

  • Fixed a bug granting 2x donator on all purchases as it was on 2.0
  • Fixed gamemode icons showing up on rare drops being incorrect
  • Crystal crown high alch value is now set to 15m
  • Fixed shooting star depleting way too fast (increased 5x star fragments)
  • Added death scroll upgrade to townboard shop, stopping sigils being unequipped on death
  • Corrected the teleport cost being withdrawn x2 if you dont use prev-tele option
  • Sigils are now less likely to break, and are more specific to your action 
  • If youre doing combat, a cmbt sigil can overflow, but smithing at home will no longer roll a chance to destroy your combat sigils as often as it was
  • Fixed untradeable food protecting over void
  • Added 10 damage to drinking divine potions
  • Lowered the amount of raw supplies the 4 new dt2 bosses brings in
  • Removed the 30 minute kick for catacombs extension
  • Fire spells with tome of fire will now show increased max hit on dummy
  • Fixed void (or) shattered relics not providing any void bonuses at all
  • Tent whip will now drop tentacle to the ground if you have no space on degrade
  • Added poison effect to all items marked as (p, p+ and p++)


  • Fixed saplings not being removed from inventory when planted
  • You can now plant snape grass seeds to harvest snape grass


  • If your pet fee goes into negative, it will now force you to repay it + add another 500k
  • Increased the amount you can store with Probita to 99m

The Nightmare

  • Corrected jar of dreams being 1/3 vs 1/500 from nightmare
  • Decreased the drop rates at nightmare but did not add a min damage requirement so masses can continue


  • Added 4 more attack cycles before red crab's spawn in phase 2
  • Fixed dragon warhammer not draining defence correctly at verzik
  • Fixed tombs of amascut invocations selecting the wrong one you clicked


  • Increased corrupted staff's max damage in the gauntlet
  • Fixed the barrier clickable in gauntlet getting you stuck

Tournament Minigame

  • Added auto-team balancing to the multi minigame
  • Disabled Sigils being active in tournaments
  • Dying in tournaments will no longer remove 500k from your pet coffer

Crystal of Memories

  • Crystal of memories will now only store your last location if you have it in inventory when you teleport
  • Crystal of memories now works with ;;home command

Magical Obelisk

  • Corrected magical obelisk granting 50% of what you contribute vs 100%
  • Increased min level to use obelisk to 1,500 total


  • Dampen ranged prayer now works at the nightmare correctly
  • Dampen ranged prayer now works in gauntlet correctly
  • Dampen prayers now protect you at tombs of amascut correctly
  • Fixed being able to instantly attack after eating due to metabolise on the ruinous prayer book
  • Corrected quick prayers for range/mage prayers not saving correctly
  • Corrected a bug with ruinous prayers at toa


  • Corrected all PvP weapons not having their effect applied in the wilderness
  • PK accounts will now receive blighted anglerfish, karambwans and super restores that only work in the wild
  • PK accounts will no longer receive potions/food that regular players can also use
  • Staying in combat outside of wilderness will no longer prevent your BH target from skipping
  • Being removed from the wilderness for insufficient funds will now put you next to the coffer
  • Renamed coffer to wilderness coffer to be clearer on where you need to deposit funds
  • fixed bug preventing you from attacking with 2 accounts in wild at once
  • Added vetion and calvarion as undead npcs for salve (e)
  • Significantly increased the price the emblem trader will pay for your emblems
  • Removed ability to alch pvp emblems for more than they trade in for

Fragments / Leagues

  • Updated all tool tips, relic & fragment descriptions in the leagues interface to match their effect
  • Specified on set effects if they're disabled or if they've been moved to a passive effect to avoid confusion
  • Increased chance twin strikes, double tap and chain magic can proc - now 3% at 2 fragments, 6% at 3 fragments
  • Corrected a bug not allowing chain magic to proc at all
  • Slash and burn will now also work alongside personal banker set effect
  • Increased the chance at rolling combat fragments by 7x
  • Catch of the day will now roll loot from the clue table randomly instead of clue scroll bottles
  • Corrected slay n pay not granting bonus points for non-wilderness slayer tasks
  • Fixed a bug with plank stretcher not letting it save planks
  • Profletchional now also grants bonus XP for cutting logs as well as stringing the bow
  • Personal banker will no longer send tephra from Zalcano to the bank
  • Doubled the xp recieved from chef's catch auto-cooking caught food
  • Corrected drakans touch always disabling via command
  • Corrected drakans touch healing effect not procing
  • Fixed each league tier slot requiring you to be above the point threshold, not equal or above
  • Removed majority of the information found on the forum thread for leagues as it's now displayed in-game


Crystal Armour

  • Crystal armour will now only use a charge if the hit was a successful one (above 0 damage)
  • Crystal armour now only requires 1 shard per 1 charge, vs previous 10
  • Crystal shards are now tradeable 
  • Crystal shards will now drop 10x less from gauntlet due to shards being tradeable and reduction in usage
  • Added ability to recolor crystal armour by using coins on each piece. A PvM death will not revert the color
  • Upon a PvP death, or letting the crystal run out of charges, you will need to repay to recolor it


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