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Update Log #4


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  • Corrected 2 fragments marked as [disabled] despite them being active on vulcan
  • Marked enchanted jeweler as disabled and removed it from the fragment roll table
  • Pickpocketing gp/hr has been nerfed to match new economy focus
  • Average at peak of 70m/hr has dropped to 18m/hr with all relics/rogues set
  • Corrected cost to convert logs to planks from 25k/plank to 6k/plank for new economy focus
  • Corrected Tombs of Amascut not allowing you to accept/reject party members 
  • Corrected void (or) kit requiring non-elite version to work
  • Corrected prayer books no longer working at nightmare after last update
  • Loot received from clue of the day will now also go to your collection log 
  • Donator perk should no longer un-note already noted grimy herbs
  • Corrected venomaster requiring level 3 to be immune to poison (vs just venom)
  • Corrected Sandstone & granite no longer granting mining xp
  • Corrected to the equipable version of ring of endurance in vote store
  • Relogging no longer bypasses last recall cooldown
  • Corrected smithing tephra at zalcano counting as a zalcano killcount
  • Ghommal can now also check Gauntlet tasks if they fail to unlock after looting chest
  • Updated falling star visually so phase 1/2 doesnt last forever
  • 2x Resources from a donator perk has been nerfed from 100% to 10% for balancing
  • Corrected ruinous prayer book not working at great olm
  • Corrected elven signet task unlocking from crystal axe
  • Corrected Tier 6 / 7 listed incorrectly in new leagues interface messages
  • Tripled the chance to receive a Sigil box as a drop
  • Fixed not being able to unblock the last 2 tasks in your blocked list
  • Wearing goldsmith gauntlets with molten miner will now grant 2x smithing xp for gold bars
  • Corrected molten miner automatically banking the smelted bars instead of inventory
  • Corrected rock solid rolling all of its ores at once, vs just skipping depletion
  • Corrected fire surge / wave being unaffected by Tome because they had leagues tasks
  • Increased the raw gp cost of entering raids / buying raid supplies
  • Fixed being able to drink regular nightmare zone overloads inside chambers of xeric
  • PvP armour/weapons are no longer tradeable, but will start with 8k charges vs 3k
  • Slayer task extension scroll will now grant 50% more per task if you're not picking your own tasks
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