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Update Log #5


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Bugs Fixed / Content added

  • Corrected all mining giving the same XP after last update
  • Added 5% xp boost when wearing full farmer's outfit
  • Added all fixed versions of pvp armour to tournament point store vs (broken) versions
  • Disabled special discount fragment in pvp tournaments
  • Corrected bars created by molten miner not being proc'd to go to the bank automatically
  • Lowered the cost of additional bank space from 1.5m/slot to 100k/slot
  • Corrected dampen prayers not protecting against basic attacks at cox
  • Disabled old Inferno timer and used one that only counts Zuk fight for balancing (donator perks)
  • Fixed autocasting with 4 new blood/ancient etc sceptres and ancient sceptre
  • Corrected combat achievement rewards text to match what you actually get
  • Fixed being able to charge non-crystal items by switching the item after you began charging
  • Updated superior tracking fragment to show correct chances of superiors spawning on Vulcan
  • Cutting pineapples will no longer eat your knife
  • Added a 'check' option to all crystal weaponry to check current charges left
  • Duke Sucellus now counts as a demon against arclight weapons
  • Disabled banking in CoX as it's disabled in ToA and ToB
  • Expanded Certified Farmer to provide bonus loot to all planted crops vs just herbs
  • Added Salve (ei) damage to max hit dummy at home
  • Updated the max hit dummies at home to represent slayer helm / black mask
  • Consuming rock cake will no longer reduce crystal charges 
  • Corrected Al-Kharid to Al Kharid for a trivia question
  • Corrected inventory getting stuck when entering wilderness with ruinous prayers 
  • Corrected Take-Boat option on Entrana monk taking you to rune essence mine vs entrana
  • Corrected Ring of endurance task not unlocking after last recharging fix
  • Corrected Amulet of blood fury not procing or displaying the graphic
  • Specified the Keris in Tombs of Amascut will not be impacted by Special Discount (due to infinite pray/hp/run with it)
  • Increased the healing from Drakan's touch from 5% damage done to 10% damage done
  • Added drop value to all of the drops from DT2 bosses so they will start announcing globally
  • You will now only gain wintertodt crates & xp if you're inside of the arena with points at the end of the game
  • Thrall damage will now add to your chambers of xeric points for damage it's done
  • Corrected Elf/Tzhaars not giving more xp than heroes/vyrewatches
  • Fixed Divine rune pouch not saving runes across logout
  • Fixed Regular rune pouch allowing you to store 4 runes in it (but they weren't usable)
  • Disabled using ::home and Last recall to return to instances / banned areas
  • Drastically lowered the rate at which Sigils can be destroyed at
  • Added Absolute Unit set effect, at 5% damage reduction and 10% reflection (subject to further balancing as I've been doing as we go)
  • Enabled Vardorvis fight (the $100 prize for all 4 bosses has been retired and spread to the leagues/combat tasks due to the unpredictable size of launch)
  • Added Ruinous prayer scrolls to all 4 of the new DT2 bosses. 


  • Leviathan, Whisperer will unlock and new Sigils from DMM apocalypse will be added in the coming days as bugs and suggestions slow down. I just don't have 40 hours in a day at current.

Player Suggestions added

  • 9: Add handy portal for farming to all patches
    •  Added the handy portal to all herb patches
  • C17 + Spooderman + IBS + many other players: Specify what relic you gained XP in / Name the fragments
    •  Spent a lot of time to redo this, but it now shows a name associated to what you got. Let me know if they de-sync incorrectly
  • Theta: Make the wilderness resource arena better
    •  It's now free to enter, and all items to be noted are 1gp each
  • NotSoSkilled: Allow threads in buying and selling
    •  Done
  • C17: Fragments confusion a lot of people are confused on what is enabled/disabled/correct % to proc etc
    •  Specified on every relic what % it has to activate on Vulcan, and what ones are (Disabled)
  • Friction: Rebalance plank -> logs cost and ores to bars
    •  Decreased cost of logs -> planks and ores -> bars by a significant amount
  • Fuzzshums: Nerf relics... differently (instead of 60% on osrs for 2x attack, do 10%)
    •  Was increased to 3%/6% with 2/3 fragments active of the set effects
  • Juice WRLD: Multi training zone make the west side of fossil island multi
    •  Done
  • Reps: Pkp needs a buff
    •  Increased pkp rewards by 75%
  • Add Oily rod to shop
    •  Added
  • Linux: Comp Cape Requirements 25 trivia questions
    •  Increased the frequency that the questions get asked and increased how many people can answer it
  • Chxpo_: Add blessing crucial part of a league
    •  Added all 6 blessings to the hard clue scroll loot table
  • Wubby: Add community favour scrolls into the townboard shop or vote shop
    •  Added the scroll to the vote store for 15 tickets
  • Zyzzima: Add the option to turn off fast metabolism
    •  Added a command (::fastmetabolism) to stop the 4x restore rate being always active
  • Grindcore: Runecraft Pouches droprate should be buffed
    •  Increased the chance of receiving these by 20-30%
  • Acavalier Make $1 bond tradeable
    •  Done
  • Rolla + Dicey: Add dragon bones back to Zulrah drop table
    •  Not sure why they were missing added
  • King K9: Increase the fountain duration time to 1 hour
    •  Moved from 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Basham: Farming patches weeds grow back instantly
    •  (Hopefully) permanently disabled weeds re-growing at all
  • Blitzyyy: Do something about infinity boots
    •  Lowered drop rate of infinity boots from 1/750 to 1/300
  • Friction: Add rune pouch to shops
    •  Added rune pouch to vote store for 30 tickets
  • C17: Adjust item prices like pure essence to suit new GP focus
    •  Lowered their prices
  • Cityboy: Zalcano buff seems a complete waste of time in current state
    •  Decreased Zalcano's health by 50% for faster kills
  • Chxpo_: Bank space problem and it's too expensive now
    •  Lowered cost of bank slots from 1.5m ea to 100k ea
  • HCIM Vulcan: Change tent whip from 3k to 10k charges as it's too fast to degrade
    •  Increased from 3k to 10k charges when you make the whip
  • Bloom + Itheylyn + Simp: $1 bonds in donator store to donate purely for rank
    •  Added to the store
  • Zyzzima: Add longer protection to anti-venom+ and add superantipoison to store
    •  Added to general shop and extended potion
  • IBS: Lower rune prices & feathers
    •  Lowered prices on both by 33-66%

Thanks, Xsj



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