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Update Log #6


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  • You can now right-click 'examine' on NPCs to open their drop table
  • Presets withdrawing from your bank will no longer delete placeholders / mess up your bank order
  • Pressing 'Buy' on the G.E will now display the item name before it gets to the Confirm screen / won't close the TP interface
  • Fixed Beaver pet not having its options hidden by the pet setting
  • Player's joining Vulcan will no longer announce if it's an alt of an existing player
  • Donator perk of noting bones will no longer un-note already noted bones (e.g. zulrah)
  • Further reduced cost of logs to planks at the tree stump
  • You can no longer last recall while being considered in a raids party
  • Fixed bush patches growing in 10 seconds vs ~20 minutes
  • Fixed bush patches providing near infinite resources with their instant regrowth
  • Above patches will now grant 2x the amount they normally would
  • There is now a delay on re-entering the fight caves after your last attempt
  • Decreased the frequency at rolling clue scroll bottles from every xp drop by 10-15%
  • Adjusted pricing at Watson granting much cheaper clue scrolls than intended
  • Updated all of the info shown on ::votePerks thread to accurately reflect what your rewards are in Reborn
  • Corrected broadcasts of people's skilling pets showing the wrong skilling icon
  • Corrected a bug with Ruinous Dampen (protection) Prayers not hitting at minimum 1 if the hit would have been above 0 before the protection applied. (i.e. a hit of 20 before dampen rounds down to a 2 at 10% of the pre-protection damage, but the bug was occurring with hits rolled between 0-9, rounding down to 0 and thus not hitting a '1' at min)
  • Rake a patch task should now unlock when clicking an empty patch, with weeds being permanently removed
  • Corrected the Vorkath head max hit dummy granting XP for spells cast on it
  • Corrected the icon shown before the fountain rolling being pink instead of purple
  • Corrected stamina potions lasting 50% as long as they should
  • Hopefully fixed a bug with cannon
  • Absolute unit will no longer lower damage done by rock cakes / prevent you from getting to 1hp
  • Damage done by thralls and multiplied by your league relic will now also count to CoX points
  • You can no longer gain XP in a fragment that is already at 8,000/8,000 experience
  • You no longer need 31 prayer bonus for the 30 prayer bonus task
  • Fixed the broadcast icon for player gamemode helmets being incorrect on drops/level ups
  • Lowered the amount of gp recieved from paladins/knights of ardy as it was the same as vyres
  • Fixed max hit dummy showing 1.5x max hit for tome of fire + fire spells
  • Molten miner will no longer delete Tephra at Zalcano's prison
  • Recolored crystal armour will no longer return 1 crystal arm seed for plate/legs incorrectly
  • Lowered chance of objects depleting in gauntlet from 1/250 to 1/2,500
  • Fixed damage from rock cake still taking charges on recolored crystal armour
  • Added regen's bracelet healing effect
  • Fake XP Drops will now show for PK accounts even with their skills locked
  • Fixed Probita taking 500k when you were just simulating items lost on death via the interface
  • Fixed steal from a gem stall task (elite) not unlocking
  • $5 Bonds are now tradeable
  • Lowered the amount of PvM points obsidian and granite mauls give from 50 to 10
  • Infernal harpoon special attack now works
  • 3rd Age pickaxe special attack now works
  • Slowed down Baba's rock drop attack by 1 tick on insanity & off
  • Fixed granite/sandstone giving negative xp on a successful mine 
  • Added Forthos Dungeon and undead druid / temple spiders, dropping grubby keys & herbs
  • Added some data to James for the past 10 days of Vulcan - top 100 most traded items and top 100 most expensive items

I will review all #Suggestions again over the next 48 hours and add the ones I agree with again on that patch so keep them coming - I read every single one so don't think they're ignored.


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