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Update Log #7


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Bug Reports / Misc changes

  • Having charged items and loading Presets should now correctly withdraw the charged items
  • You can now use 4m coins on the Sigil Statue at home to reset your Sigil overflow count to 0
  • The overflow sigil message will now specify how many times until your sigils will turn to dust
  • This will cost more, but allow you to keep your specific Sigils vs randomly rolling new ones
  • Ironmen will now receive 30% of the item's value to the fountain vs 10% for regular players to assist with cash flow
  • Corrected Seedy Business not activating on the correct %s
  • Corrected Crystal staff (perfected) being garbage vs corrupted version
  • Removed random bandit guards acting as bankers at the fishing guild
  • Venator shard is now tradeable
  • Mining should no longer provide permanent 2x ore/bars without any fragments/perks on
  • Added a chat message to confirm when Seedy Business activates for clarity
  • Corrected KBD best time being set by CoX runs
  • New players joining will no longer broadcast to the world
  • Fixed Grubby chest task unlocking multiple tiers at 1/2/3 keys vs 1/10/25
  • You can no longer sell crystal crowns to general store
  • Corrected magical obelisk granting more time than you paid for to delay the animations
  • Switching spellbook with Arcane's grimoire or magic cape will now reset your autocast spell
  • Corrected crystal weaponry degrading to dust vs reverting to seed on death / out of charges
  • Increased the minimum damage at Nex from 60 to 100 per kill to receive a drop
  • Decreased the rare drop rolls at Nex by 25% due to 3x expected player count
  • Corrected a safespot at ToA warden phase 2 by auto-killing players in it
  • You will no longer be frozen at Nex when using Dampen Magic ruinous prayer
  • Items received with a full inventory from Wintertodt crate's will now drop to the floor
  • Disabled Praying Respects granting insane XP/hr at Nechs via Ashes
  • Fixed easy combat achievements still mentioning a mystery box reward
  • Removed rule restricting advertising external clan's for Vulcan
  • Added rule regarding advertising being limited to every 10+ minutes for gambling / clans / giveaways etc
  • Macroing bans have increased from stat reset & 72 hour ban to 7 day ban
  • Corrected Comp cape % not capping each category (so high xp was showing massive comp % on hiscores)
  • Ring of endurance will now count as a saradomin item
  • Making a divine rune pouch will now place all runes in your bank prior to removal of the old pouch
  • Arachaic Emblems will no longer be placed in your looting bag
  • Teleporting home should now cancel all actions
  • Amethyst dart tips are now tradeable
  • Lowered time it takes bush patches to grow by 50%
  • Corrected Dwarf Cannon not firing after previous update
  • Personal task completion message will no longer display wrong gained point amount
  • Agility course will now show up as Wilderness Agility Course to stop misclicking
  • Corrected Corp Beast dropping 2.5k cballs vs 250 to non-mvps
  • Fixed message in a bottle not counting towards Knifes Edge count
  • Corrected 2/3 dagannoth kings giving 5x bones vs 1x
  • You will now gain PvM points from monsters below level 75 at a 1/20 chance vs 100% to prevent farming while afk
  • Rock cake will again go through absorption potions to lower your health in nmz
  • You can now hide yells via the filter option
  • You can now fish sacred eels at zulrah, and dissect them using a knife for 3-9 zulrah scales
  • Auto-cooking them via fragments will also grant zulrah scales directly
  • Corrected complete X grandmaster combat tasks not completing 
  • Amulet of blood fury running out of charges will now drop to floor if you don't have space
  • Added missing prayer bonus to Zammy/Sara/Guthix d'hide armours
  • Arclight running out of charges will now clear the charges correctly so darklight can be traded between GIMs
  • Infernal harpoon now requires 85 cooking to create vs 85 smithing
  • Casting spells will now roll the chance to attack instantly again via Chain Magic (not just staff spells)
  • Special attacks that activate instantly like db axe, infernal harp etc are now affected by Special Discount fragment
  • Corrected Sigil of fortune farmer not correctly specifying 50% alch reduction time (stated 80%)
  • Corrected crystal armour boosting blade of saeldor accuracy 2x - to 60% vs 30% accuracy boost
  • Blood fury will no longer effect your hp if it's overboosted above max
  • Monsters will now lose aggression after 3 hours of the player being idle
  • You will no longer gain XP in fragments after 3 hours of being idle
  • Added 3 new preset gears to the Multi team tournament minigame - Hybrid, Range Tank & Dharoks
  • Corrected Duke / Vardorvis boss fights checking you have 10k, but never actually charging you
  • Corrected switching prayer books checking you have 500k, but never actually charging you
  • DT2 Boss fights / switching at the prayer altar is now reduced by 50% for iron accounts
  • Teleporting as an ironman has had it's cost reduced by 50%


Player Made Suggestions

  • Rhys + Lorienflux + Rhubarbed: XP in already maxed out fragments
    • You can no longer roll XP in max level fragments
  • Helly: Get rid of resources running out at CG
    • Lowered chance from 1/250 to 1/2,500 just so someone is randomly annoyed (hopefully they're already having a bad day too)
  • Rmtank Kyle: When it gives you the message of personal banker, show how many are already in bank
    • The chat message will now display how many of that resource are in your bank currently
  • Davey: Iron man related costs
    • Already added some fixes above
  • Amo: Fully enable forthos dungeon
    • Added temple spiders, undead druids and grubby key drops
  • Rolla: Add d pickaxe / infernal pickaxe to zalcano
    • It actually already exists
  • For Real: Skills in wild - bonus xp
    • Added a 6% boost to all xp earnt while in the wilderness, subject to higher amounts as I feel it's not OP
  • For Real: Buff loot received from Agility 
    • Increased chance to roll a loot pack from 1/20 to 1/8, and increased the amount of crystal shards from 1 to 25 per find
  • 9: Add more farming patches or increase yield from herb patches
    • Increased average amount of herbs you'll receive by 25%
  • Slage: Re purpose disabled set effects
    • These were mentioned prior to launch, but they're disabled for balancing (and other content disabled so I can make sure I'm not releasing everything full of bugs). Since launch I've already buffed multiple combat fragments and added new set effects like absolute unit. This will continue when I see it fit
  • Spooderman: Name the fragments as we unlock them (popup)
    • This was added 3 days ago
  • Zyzzima + hexavash: Reduce cost of death's coffer
    • Currently the coffer cost ranges from 450k to 950k depending on your total level. I have instead simplified this to be total level * 150 - meaning 5.1k for new accounts and 342k for maxed accounts per death. This number is reduced by 50% for iron accounts.
  • Rmtank Kyle: Make pvm points scale based on combat level
    • I'm assuming this means the combat level of the npc you kill? because that's actually already how it works now
  • GrumpyBruce: Item name in grand exchange
    • Pressing buy on any item will now display it's name without closing the interface. 
  • Canada + 3bo: Add G.E average prices to items
    • Added 'James' and his 2 options - top 100 most traded and top 100 via highest price to assist with pricing
  • Con: Teleport out of CG - Hc irons
    • You can now use the home teleport as a remote form of leaving the CG
  • Thegrind17: Add warning to bowfa when uncharging
    • You will now have to confirm via dialogue to uncharge crystal items, and it will specify you won't receive shards back
  • Major: Buff bandosian might
    • Increased chance for Bandosian might to take effect from 5% to 8%, subject to further review
  • King k9: diversify server events, do in-game rewards vs just osrs gp
    • Noted
  • Rainbow: Add Drakan's touch / fast metabolism toggles to quick actions in misc tab
    • Added options to enable/disable these 2, and removed the 2 lesser known commands
  • Q: Make Nex invulnerable until all 4 corners are dead
    • This is how it already is. You cant progress past 20, 40, 60, 80% etc until corners are done
  • Korasi: Make graceful give extra XP when doing agility
    • This is how it already is
  • Rainbow: Decrease frequency of tornadoes spawning in gauntlet/ c gauntlet
    • Decreased chance they can spawn by 40%
  • Canada: Ability to extract arcane sigil from shield
    • This already exists by using it on the repair stand at home. Adjusted the cost to do this.
  • Juice WRLD: Make KQ Drop d pickaxe
    • Added to drop table
  • Castiel: Group ironman channel
    • I originally planned to have 0 support for GIM since it always ends the same. I have compromised by having GIM support at a basic level as is. Even though we're less than 13 days into the server we've already seen results exactly as I expected: It just creates so much work for myself that could be better spent elsewhere
  • Spooderman: Change glory task from task master
    • This was actually already removed from the townboard, but I've missed it on the personal tasks (sacrifice 100 glories) lowered it to 2.
  • Williamos: Make ignore list hide yell messages
    • They will now be removed if the player is on your ignore list
  • Meck/Ji Tu: Move the Slayer task donator perk to pick your task down from $1,000 rank to $500
    • This one has been on my mind over the past week. Given feedback on other changes I've had to make for balancing to donator perks, I don't want to be impacting people after they've already spent their money. With that said, I believe the fair compromise I have added is:
      • You will now roll for a scroll after every slayer task you complete that awards points
      • The scroll will allow you to choose your own slayer task and amount, once per scroll
      • The scroll will not be able to teleport to the task after picking it, as is a Torva+ benefit
      • This is very susceptible to changing, especially if someone finds a way to abuse it, or it ends up impacting economy/slayer more than I ever intended to (hence the reason for the high cost originally)
      • The chances of rolling a scroll are now added as an additional perk to Donator Perks
  • Insano + Friction: Gp fees death costs, raid costs, teleport costs for ironman accounts
    • All have been addressed through various changes above

Thanks, Xsj

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