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Update Log #8


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  • Corrected Double Tap rolling from Slay N Pay / Bandosian Might incorrectly
  • Corrected Vardorvis KC going to Whisperer on hiscores
  • Corrected Seedy Business not activating correctly again
  • Corrected Sacred Eels not letting you move while cutting them / not granting 100-127 cooking xp 
  • Fixed Discard buckets not being clickable
  • Added new quest tab option to disable gaining fragments at all
  • Corrected smithing adamant dart personal task requiring 10x what it lists
  • Corrected not being able to make sanfew serums correctly
  • Corrected recoloring crystal armour not charging 15m when it says it will
  • Reverting a recolored crystal armour piece will now grant the correct amount of seeds
  • Farming patches will now visually update after the teleport in is complete
  • Verzik crabs will no longer damage you from 3 tiles away (now 2) on explosion
  • Slayer task scroll can only be used at home now
  • Added defence requirement to (t) green d'hide
  • Corrected blue d'hide top (t) removing your arms
  • Fixed getting the warriors guild basement door stuck open
  • You can no longer alchemise bonds
  • Zamorakian hasta no longer grants 2x tile attack radius
  • Rune dragons will no longer respect boundaries
  • Removed raid rates thread as it was outdated from 2.0
  • Corrected all PvP weapons having a 1/500 chance to degrade on special atk on top of their charges
  • Corrected stamina pot effect persisting over logouts permanently
  • Corrected a bug with Hydra's poison attack

Out of the last 100 bugs, approx 75 were not actual bugs, were user error, or were people reporting things that they didn't bother to check the wiki for (and were actually correct). As such the bug channel will probably be retired soon and future bugs can be reported directly to staff members to be filtered and passed along

All suggestions made since the last suggestion batch will be added with the next update

Enabled The Whisperer boss




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