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Starter Guide - Vulcan 4.0


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Welcome to Vulcan

Rather than force you through a tutorial in-game that you'll hold down space bar for, below you'll find a quick starter guide for our server - don't worry, it's straight to the point in 3 steps.


1. Getting Setup / Leagues & Game Mode

Login with any user & pass - if the user isn't already taken, it will work. You do not need to register on the Forums to play. Once online, you'll be prompted to choose between Leagues 3 - Shattered Relics and Leagues 4 - Trailblazer Reloaded

Leagues 3 - Shattered Relics 


Leagues 3 focused on grinding a new currency called sages renown to unlock content. Viewing your quest tab -> Leagues will show you 'Tasks', 'Unlocks' and 'Fragments'.

  • Tasks are what you complete to unlock other content. Under each task it will show you how much sage's renown you will earn for completing it.
    • Complete tasks to unlock your skills as you only start with 3 unlocked by default
    • Complete tasks to unlock the padlocks preventing you from fighting most bosses
  • Fragments are what make Leagues fun, they're various buffs to your character you can level up:
    • Gaining XP in related activities will see you receive unidentified fragment drops you can then identify it to earn XP in a random Relic from it's category. 
    • All fragments are received based on what skill you were training:
      • Harvesting - (mining, woodcutting, fishing, hunter)
      • Production - (smith, cook, firemaking, farm, craft, herblore, fletching, construction, runecrafting)
      • Combat - (attack, strength, defence, hp, magic, prayer, ranged, slayer)
      • Skilling - 50% chance for remaining skills
      • Misc. - 50% chance for remaining skills
  • Passives - alongside completing tasks, you'll receive League points, which will rank you up through 7 point thresholds (tiers). At each tier, you will gain different boosts that are permanently applied to your account. These range from XP boosts to items like Last Recall for use.


Leagues 4 - Trailblazer Reloaded


Leagues 4 focuses on completing tasks to unlock powerful buffs to your account. Viewing your quest tab -> Leagues will show you 'Tasks' and 'Relics'. Areas are all unlocked by default on Vulcan.

  • Tasks are what you complete to unlock relics. Under each task it will show you how many league points you will earn for that task.
    • Completing tasks will earn League points and at various point thresholds you will be allowed to unlock 1 Relic that will buff you in skilling/combat/utility.
    • You can select 1 unlock from each of the 8 tiers (with 2-3 relics to choose from at each tier)
    • Unlocks are not permanent on Vulcan, but cannot be swapped quickly.
  • Passives - As you progress through the 8 tiers, you'll also receive passive boosts. These range from XP boosts to items like Last Recall for use.


Game modes


You'll next select the game mode you'd like to play. There are only 2 main modes, Regular & Realism.

  • Regular - XP rates of 6x combat & 3x non-combat - increased as you progress through League tiers
  • Realism - Slower XP rates (3x combat, 1.5x non-combat) but 8% drop rate increase at all locations

Additionally, you can select other restrictions to your account

  • Ironman, HCIM, Group Ironman - as you'd expect 
  • Elite - a custom mode on Vulcan, allowing no donating of any form on the account
  • Pker - ability to spawn PK related items & set levels for pking




2. Starting your journey

Regardless of which League you're here to play, the best way to start out is by completing tasks. Luckily @Levi has put together a quick 50 step guide on giving yourself a boost of points for unlocks.

I'd recommend exploring the Home area first, as it's very simply laid out and contains every shop & everything you need.

The below guide relates mostly to Leagues 3 (but will heavily overlap with Leagues 4) if you'd like an updated Leagues 4 guide - click here instead


Items needed:

  • Mithril Gloves (5k), Empty Pot (5gp), Iron Axe (1k), Iron Pickaxe (1k), Rake (5k), Knife (1k), Tinderbox (1k), Small Fishing Net (300gp), Shears (300gp), Range attacks, Wilderness Coffer (100k), Coins (for PoH and Teleport costs)

Guide Steps:

  • Steal from crafting stall to 5 thieving
  • Trade Emblem Trader
  • Buy listed items from Shop Keeper
  • Get slayer assignment from Duradel
  • If 100k, place in wilderness coffer
  • Visit Death’s Domain via coffin
  • Equip mithril gloves
  • Do ::Home
  • Teleport to CoX, use bank
  • Teleport to Hespori
  • Teleport to Ferox Enclave
  • Teleport to Mos Le’Harmless
  • Teleport to Neitiznot, use bank; then Jatizso, use bank
  • Teleport to Lunar Isle, use bank
  • Teleport to Wilderness God Wars, enter cave
  • Teleport to Wilderness Resource Area, enter gate
  • Enter Deep Wilderness Dungeon west of resource area
  • Enter Mage Bank east of dungeon, use bank, enter pool, get cape
  • Teleport to lava dragons, kill one, bury bones
  • Leave wilderness
  • Teleport to Catherby, pick wheat
  • Catch shrimp, fill inventory
  • Teleport to Lumbridge, cook all shrimp
  • Grab pot from Lumbridge kitchen table
  • Use wheat on pot, drop flour
  • Pickpocket men for 28 coin pouches
  • Kill a goblin, loot bones
  • Pay toll at Al-Kharid gate
  • Kill a cow, loot hide and bones
  • Shear sheep east of cows
  • Spin wool on Lumbridge Castle 2nd floor
  • Teleport to Varrock, steal from Tea Stall
  • Visit magic shop, talk to Aubury
  • Mine 1 essence
  • Teleport to abyss, craft air rune
  • Teleport to Kalphites
  • Leave lair, head to magic carpet
  • Turn on prayer, teleport to Nardah, pray at statuette
  • Use Nardah bank
  • Turn on prayer, teleport to chaos altar, pray, use bones
  • Leave wilderness
  • Teleport to Al-Kharid, mine copper and tin
  • Make bronze bar at Al-Kharid furnace
  • Tan cowhide
  • Teleport to Woodcutting Guild, exit, chop 2 trees
  • Leave guild via east gate, burn 1 log
  • Fletch 1 log into arrow shafts
  • Teleport to Zanaris
  • Teleport to construction skilling area, buy a house
  • Enter house via portal
  • Teleport to Farming skilling area, rake patch
  • Teleport to agility skilling area, complete gnome course
  • Teleport to Taverly Dungeon, open gate
  • Teleport to Brimhaven, pick pineapple, enter dungeon
  • Teleport to Gnome Village, use spirit tree to stronghold
  • Enter dungeon near river
  • Teleport to Canifis, run to Port Phat ass mass, enter through gate
  • Teleport to Kourend, run to Land’s End, use bank
  • Teleport to Vyrewatch Sentinels, pet Frank south of chapel


After you've completed the task list below, it's time to start setting your own goals.

  • If you're a Leagues 4 account, I would recommend continuing to do tasks to continue moving through the Tiers
  • If you're a Leagues 3 account, I would recommend spending some of the Sage's renown you've earnt from the task list above to unlock some your skills. Continue these skills to begin earning Fragments and unlock your powerful Relics

If you'd like to track your progress outside of the in-game interface, @Simp has put together a great spreadsheet with all tasks from Leagues 3 & 4 on Vulcan for your use here

3. Must know Information

Some of the most common questions / places new players get stuck are addressed below:


Misc. Info

  • You can unbox your Armor set by right clicking the grand exchange npc -> 'Sets'
  • Teleporting around the game costs money, the cost is your total level * 3 after your first 3 hours of playtime
  • Druidic Ritual (quest) needs to be completed before you can begin training Herblore
  • Any item that can be imbued/upgraded (i) is handled through Nightmare Zone
  • All information related to custom scrolls you come across in-game can be found at ::scrolls
  • Within the afk area you can exchange logs & ore into planks & bars for a gp cost
  • Cannonballs cannot be smithed as they're received from Voting and pvm drops
  • No League relics will take effect while you're in the wilderness, or a pvp tournament
  • Unlocking more tiers increases your XP rate drastically
  • You cannot gain Fragments (Leagues 3) in nightmare zone, or the afk area at home
  • Raids across Vulcan consist only of the final boss for Chambers of Xeric and Tombs of Amascut
  • There is an extension to catacombs of kourend slayer dungeon, found by running west and using the rope
  • The fountain at home grants random bonuses with a +50% boost. Personal scrolls you receive will provide 100% instead, but do not stack with the fountain

Distractions & Diversions

  • Tournaments - A fun pvp minigame with rewards just for participating - and completely safe to all accounts
  • Shooting stars - a great source of raw gp & community favor, both very important early game
  • Trivia - use ::answer to submit your response. This grants you a mystery box scrap and gp. 25 Scraps can be combined with glue to create a mystery box ($3)

Early-Mid game money making

  • Voting 
  • Thieving
  • Wintertodt
  • Revenants

Item categories (Leagues 3)

Any item that contains this word in it's name is flagged for that category:

Armadyl Item:
"armadyl", "(f)", "zaryte crossbow", "book of law", "honourable blessing"

Saradomin Item:
"saradomin", "endurance", "holy", "justiciar", "monk's" (but not unholy)

Zamorak Item:
"zamorak", "light", "dagon", "elder", "inquisitor", "unholy", "staff of the dead"

Bandos Item:
"bandos", "sanguine torva", "war", "guardian", "book of war", "war blessing"

Zaros Item: 
"ancient", "zaryte", "torva", "book of darkness", "ancient blessing"

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