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Vulcan Reborn Ultimate Starter Guide


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Vulcan Reborn Ultimate Starter Guide


TL;DR: Vulcan Reborn is a leagues 3 server - complete tasks to unlock skills, bosses, and passive perks! Skill/PVM to receive fragment drops for more perks! Click the quest tab and go to the purple question icon tab to see the leagues UI. Skip to Early Progression for a concise efficient start for your account!

Table of Contents
1. Getting Started
2. Early Progression
3. Fragments, Relics, Passive, and Sigils
4. Things to know/FAQs (Crystal keys, etc)

Getting Started

What is Vulcan Reborn?
Vulcan Reborn is an oldschool runescape private server with Leagues 3 Shattered Relics and Deadman Mode sigils! You’ll earn relic fragments which provide incredible powers - imagine hitting 130+ with dharoks, 30+ with rune knives, having near-perfect accuracy with magic, auto-burying bones for 2x exp, auto-cooking fish, finding clue rewards while skilling, healing in combat, and much more!

Why can I only train defence and thieving?
Leagues 3 requires you to complete tasks to earn Sage’s Renown and League Points. Sage’s Renown is used to unlock skills and bosses, while League Points earn you strong passive abilities and increase exp multipliers!



How do I earn Sage’s Renown to unlock skills and bosses?
Sage’s Renown is earned by completing league tasks. You’ll complete these doing everything you’d normally do when playing an account (IE killing a fire giant, mining ore with a rune pickaxe, etc). A good place to jumpstart your progress is Levi’s Task Boost guide.

After completing a few of these tasks its a good idea to unlock the skills you want to start out with! You’ll need to be purposeful early on in unlocking only the necessary skills and bosses, but you will eventually unlock everything with ease!



How do I earn league points for passive unlocks like Personal Banker and Last Recall?
League points are also awarded by completing tasks. Each task awards both Sage’s Renown and League Points. Points accumulate over time and are never spent - they simply auto-unlock your next Tier. With each additional Tier you unlock a new passive ability, a higher exp multiplier, and an additional slot to activate a relic.

Personal Banker, Last Recall, Drakan’s Touch, and a few other OP abilities are unlocked via passives so you don’t need to waste fragment slots to use them!


Separately, you’ll receive fragment drops that unlock relics!



Fragments, Relics, Passives, Sigils??

Fragments are effectively the same as relics. A fragment is an item that can spawn in your inventory (or on the ground, if your inventory is full) that when clicked, unlocks a relic. Fragments can be earned any time you’re gaining exp outside of NMZ or the AFK zone. That makes training methods with many exp drops most effective at gaining sigils (like barbarian fishing, fletching darts, bursting, etc).

Relics are permanently unlocked with fragments. They level up over time as you gain exp in any skill while the relic is equipped. Each relic provides a benefit itself, but also may have set effects. Often times you may need to use a couple different relics that have the same set effect in order to use its full potential.

Passives are always-active (though toggle-able, in the quest tab) benefits like Drakan’s Touch (heal yourself when you do damage), personal banker (x% chance to bank gathered items when skilling), etc. They can be found in the Fragments UI, under the passives button.

Sigils are entirely separate from the above mechanics. Sigils are from DMM and provide separate bonuses! They can be purchased from the store for 2M gp, or earned randomly. Sigils must be activated/deactivated at a bank, and you can only use 1 per sigil slots. Click on the statue north of the home bank to receive you’re first sigil for free, and to learn about what sigils are available. But be careful! They can overload at any time, once this has happened 5 times you’ll lose all your equipped sigils! You can reset the overload counter by using coins on the statue, though it costs 4M!



Early Progression

Below is a succinct guide to early progression for your account, but progression is unique to each player dependent on their goals and what relics they unlock. You can progress the same as normal OSRS, though you’ll want to change up your path depending on the relics you get!

  1. Vote: Type ::vote ingame to vote and then type ::voted. You should sell all your rewards on the GE for a significant chunk of money, and remember to do this every 12 hours. 

  2. Complete the Task Boost Guide for a lot of starter points

  3. Choose a way to make GP

    1. Thieving is excellent money early on, but is much easier once the thieving fragments unlocked

    2. Wintertodt is a good money maker early on

    3. Revenant Imps in the rev cave are hugely profitable (over 10M/hr), but beware of player killers

    4. AFK - after your first day of play, go to the AFK zone near ::Home and click herbiboar or tempoross (you’ll need to unlock the boss with renown). There are tasks to complete ~250+ KC for each of these which will provide huge progress, and you can leave your account AFKing overnight since there is no logout timer!

    5. AFK - Nightmare Zone on easy mode provides great AFK combat exp, though you won’t earn fragments, sigils, or relic exp.

  4. Have fun! Now that you’ve progressed a bit you’re free to progress how you please.

    1. Doing slayer is a great money maker and good for training combat.

    2. Skilling can be highly profitable, by fletching bolts/pvm supplies

    3. Barbarian fishing is very efficient at getting fragments and clues

    4. Check out the full task spreadsheet and optimize your route!


Things to Know / FAQs

  • Where do I use crystal keys?
    Crystal keys, earned from voting, do not open the crystal chest. You should either sell these on the GE or save them in the bank! End-game players can combine crystal keys with crystal shards, requiring 80 smithing and crafting, and then open the enhanced crystal chest. This provides great exp but meager item rewards.

  • Do sigils and relics work in the wild?
    Sigils work in the wild, but relics do not. You do earn 10% more exp in the wild.

  • Are there long grinds I should focus on early?
    The townboard time-gates many excellent rewards, so its a good idea to check if there are tasks you can complete (on the board, and personal tasks from the npc) every day. Most are end-game content you won’t be able to complete though.

  • What are the benefits of donating?
    Most players donate for mystery boxes which cost $3 each and drop endgame PVM gear rarely! There are other benefits like free death costs, picking your own slayer tasks, noted drops, ::bank, and more. Thread with more info here!


  • Can I donate OSRS GP?
    OSRS GP is available through a Discord support ticket to an Admin at a rate of 45m OSGP : $10 on the Store

  • What are skilling and PVM points?
    Both are points that are passively by skilling or killing monsters and can be used to buy rewards like skilling outfits, resource packs, void gear, etc.

  • Why does teleporting cost money?
    Teleporting, raid entrances, and some other actions cost GP. This acts as a gold sink to ensure inflation does not get out of hand and maintains the health of the economy. GP is easy to come by, so these costs should never be an issue. If they are - head to rev imps for a few minutes to earn a couple hundred thousand gp.
    ::home takes you home for free!

  • How do I train herblore/other skill?
    The AFK zone lets you train fishing, woodcutting, or hunter/herblore/farming while AFK. For herblore you need to complete the druidic ritual quest (same as osrs, but skip the sanfew steps).
    Most skills have training areas in the teleporter, and you can often buy resource packs using skilling points.
    Skilling outfits like graceful all increase exp earned, except for the rogue outfit which doubles the loot from pickpocketing.


  • What monster drops x item?
    The command ::Droptable enables you to search for a specific npc’s droptable, or search by item name to find which monster drops it!

  • Why does everyone else have a donor rank?
    Vulcan Reborn was rereleased recently and the server was reset. All the prior players had their progress wiped - hundreds or thousands of hours of work. To make up for this, they were given donor ranks based on their progress (but no donor points so they couldn’t buy mystery boxes/etc)

  • Where can I imbue items like a magic shortbow?
    All imbues are done via NMZ points. Just AFK in easy mode overnight and you’ll have millions of points!

  • What do I do with a hespori seed?
    Hespori seeds can randomly drop anywhere. Hespori is a med-level boss that does not require farming levels/spade/growing time/etc. Killing it provides exp in a random non-combat skill, so ensure you’ve unlocked all noncombat skills before using your seeds!

  • How do I complete clue scrolls?
    Near the shops at home, you can use your clue scrolls on Watson to convert them into caskets. This cost money per clue though! You can also talk with him to convert 1 of each clue into a master clue.

  • Can I craft cannonballs?
    You only get cannonballs from voting and from monster drops (check out ::droptable)!

  • Where can I buy X item? 
    There are shops at home in a few locations:


  • Are there benefits to vote streaks?
    Yes! Vote streaks are hugely beneficial in earning big rewards. Check out this topic for more info!

  • Can I play on multiple accounts?
    Yes! Per the rules. You can also auto-click for high alch but nothing else.

  • What are the pet drop rates and perks?
    Upgraded pets can provide meaningful upgrades - they can be found here.

  • Where is X at home?


For additional questions and help feel free to ask in the help clan chat, the community is active and helpful! Have fun!



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